My longshot is

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    financials vs valuation are too good to be true.

    Chart looks good, Fundamentals look good, and Solar stocks have been ripping recently.

    Hopefully get some news and coverage soon.
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  2. Interesting company as they are into the panels I wonder about that pricing. Can we compare the solar panels to big screen tv panels? Will they become commoditized? earnings for the 9 months ending September 30, 2006. GiraSolar reported total sales revenue of $51,901,980, a gross profit just above $1 million, or 2% of total revenues. Another way of saying that is they have to do over $100 million to make $2 million... that doesn't look that great to me. This new patent though- that's where the true value lies I'll be doing some more work on that-- tough to quantify but obviously it makes them more attractive...
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  3. I wish, just not fully clear what this company does and how their product can make any money. You need to have known users to transfer data, direct connections. Not a file sharing service. There have been many products out like this for as long as I can remember but none went mainstream. So is that the angle?

    Congrats on your jackpot. If it pulls back, which it should, I'm in. 90% of the buyers now are probably short term players and pumpers.
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    Thanks Hydro - I really can't speak for the technology as I am not a computer guru by any means, but I did ask my brother (a software engineer) to look into it last month and he was impressed enough to buy some shares himself. He tried to explain it to me in a bunch of technical jargon I couldn't understand. I said "it sounds like data compression (zip) on steroids" - he just laughed and said, "yeah, kinda". Check the link in my previous post, maybe it'll give you more detail.
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  5. SWEB earnings in Captain Obvious. Stoney got his wife involved hope things shake out ok stk got a little messy after 3:00 pm.
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  6. stonedinvestor:

    I was surprised to see SWEB drop so hard after the earnings. They were good. But it did bounce back off of .75. Note previous post about the channel. I think he's right. For what it's worth I think you're fine. The lows have been higher and the highs have too. You may not make anything, but get out at .82 or I think it'll hit .83 today and buy some ZROS. It's already over $1.52 this A.M.

    But WTF I don't know shit.
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  7. Like I said, it can be spooky. Looks to be OK this morning, but they're spreading the bid/ask.Typical OTCBB games. I'm still holding a core position, but I've sold off along the way so it's a little easier for me to stick it out. At this point I'm profitable even with a .15 drop which is where I'd bail out. Until then I'm holding the rest for 1.25 Could take awhile.
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  8. Alright I have come to terms with a few things. I am destined never to make money ever ever ever ever
    on these long shots. It's not the companies fault it's mine- I'm a big pussy. I must so thoroughly vet everything they get up and run away while I'm plotting my fibonacci retracements! I have no grasp of any of this. What moves these stocks? It seems they all have these great charts then you turnaround and you're down 10%!. Lets be real about one thing. And this is NOT sourgrapes. That press release out of ZROS contained Not ONE IOTA of new information. It parroted their web site big time. I Knew about the damn release- I posted a question about it here that never got really answered by Topdown!!!! Just kidding. Listen the good news folks- I've stopped spitting up blood over this.

    What's this about hope you caught the pullback!!!! Jesus Chrosto say that BEFORE THE PULLBACK! Or during the pullback don't make me pop that quote up again until it says 90 cents! (maybe mention it to me briefly at $1.20) ....

    The ultimate I hate myself here. The real reason I didn't buy this stock I think is the name! ZERO I hate buying stocks that after they fall pundits make fun of their names. Names associated with Falling breaking, busting collapsing zeroing these are normally not good...

    And you know I want to put a stock up on this board in the worst way and I just can't find one I currently involved with that I feel good about.. and of course I have a very high bar to cross set by Topdown 50% I believe maybe more. I'm going to have to dig real deep into my stoney bag of tricks...

    Stay tuned.
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  9. What moves penny stocks? Good question. Mostly it's wild eyed speculation, bullshit PR's, sometimes outright lies, lots of manipulation, etc. You can pretty much throw away your TA when trading the OTCBB. Charts won't tell you much other than where the lowest low was and the highest high. Everything in between is a crap shoot. It takes a iron stomach to trade these things and a little bit of the gambler has to be in ya'. Crazy as it is, the OTCBB is where I've had my greatest success. Ain't no luck like dumb luck.:D
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    I was really disappointed with the closing action in ZROS today and it ended with only a 14% gain. The tape painting that is usually present at close just was not there this afternoon (sign of overextended). I think that is evidence we will likely see a pullback next week.

    You know the best thing about this for me is that my initial purchase at .18 is in my Roth account, so the 800% gain is completely tax free! (Maybe I shouldn't say that or they'll figure a way to tax it).

    Captain - You are completely right in your previous post - this was mostly just luck for me as I bought in on a "tip". I do like the "sector" and believe that in a short time IPTV is going to be huge. That's the only reason I followed the tip in the first place.
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