My longshot is

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  1. EMCORE has agreed to invest $18.0 million in WorldWater and Power (OTC Bulletin Board: WWAT - News) in return for an amount of convertible preferred stock and warrants of WorldWater and Power, equivalent to an approximately 31% equity ownership in WorldWater and Power, or approximately 26.5% on a fully diluted basis.....

    Topdown I've never seen a more obvious takeover go down. EMCORE whoever the hell they are will end up owning this company. They didn't exactly invest for an interest rate- they got 26% of the co. I don't know-- now you can put a valuation on them 4 X $18 mil....
    $72 million....
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    - The mods are allowing ourselves to police ourselves because this is not a forum on penny stocks. this is about taking the occasional longshot position that could really go up 1000% - 3000% over many years. Keep the MEMY & STG's over in yahoo land unless you can make a very good case for them.
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    I'm not trying to patrol, but I do believe that EliteTrader should be fair and consistent. There's no difference between the penny stocks that I posted months ago and the stocks in this thread. Most of the stocks mentioned in this thread are a more of a longshot than MEMY.
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  4. Wow I did it! And it was SCARY!

    I had to use a full service broker. Hey brotherinlaw wake up your nightmare is back. I always leave a few near dormant accounts lying around so I can frustrate and alienate brokers... I had to call down to a dark room.

    " OTC Here "
    " Ah I'm Looking For a bid ask on PCEEF. "
    " PCEEF? "
    " Yes "
    " 50 cents to 55 with a ton for sale to smash you. "
    " great thanks. Lets do it. "
    " How much you want?"
    " how does 9000 shares sound buddy"
    " it's your funeral "
    " Done! and I'll pay all the way up to 55 cents. "

    >> Fear? what Fear. Stoney owns a 50 Cent stock.
    Now will he get a 1000% return? (Topdown urged me to lift my gaols) Stay tuned I am going to reappraise this stock on my birthday in mid June and not a moment before. I am locked in to my dream, here folks! Stoney wants to build a dreamhouse. And unfortunately he missed ZROS!!!!!!!!!
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  5. SYNI (Syngas International Corp).....Not that great of a volume surge, but in a straight line up since the March 13th press release........Proceed with caution!!!!!

    Just one I saw moving.....No ZROS by any means...yet

    Syngas International Enters Into Letter of Intent With Beaufort Energy Solutions Inc
    Tuesday March 13, 9:20 am ET

    LAS VEGAS, March 13 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Syngas International Corp. (OTC Bulletin Board: SYNI - News), an emerging leader in the development and production of hydrogen-enriched alternative fuels in an environmentally responsible manner, is pleased to announce it has entered into a Letter of Intent ("LOI") with Beaufort Energy Solutions Inc. ( BESI ) The parties agreed to continue to work together during the period between the Letter of Intent and a commercial agreement. The LOI represents terms that will be the foundation of a commercial agreement that provides for Beaufort to represent Syngas exclusively in the territory of British Columbia for marketing and sales of the PyStR(TM) process and other Gasification technologies. BESI will seek opportunities for Syngas products throughout British Columbia to provide electric power generation and liquid fuels to supply local consumers, businesses, Hydro, government and semi-government end users. BESI will also seek strategic partners and investors for installation of Syngas technologies for waste disposal, power generation, and productions of liquid fuels.

    Beaufort Energy Solutions Inc., a Green Energy company, has experience in commercializing innovative technology and has developed relationships and formed strategic alliances in the British Columbia area. BESI, has offices in Kamloops and Comox, British Columbia.

    British Columbia traditionally has relied on hydro-electric sources for power generation but has recently issued a 2007 Bio-energy Call for Power from the private sector to try and fill the massive future energy needs of the province. The recent BC throne speech presented another significant opportunity for Syngas technology by halting 2 coal power generation proposals. The BC government issued a zero CO2 emission standards confirmation process to all similar energy companies before proceeding. Timing is paramount and this favorable environment for cleaner, more efficient coal gasification technology implementation and the technology transfer to control and eliminate CO2 emission and other environmental issues could not be better.

    "There is great interest in BC for alternative sources of energy, especially in using Syngas gasification process to convert waste to produce electricity and liquid fuels without CO2 emission. This technology represents a winning solution for all British Columbians by providing power while completely controlling Green House Gas pollution," commented Floyd Trotter, Vice President of Beaufort Energy Solutions, Inc.

    "Both parties are very excited at the promise of working toward the common goal of completing a definitive commercial agreement," commented Wilf Ouellette, President and CEO of Syngas.

    About Beaufort Energy

    BESI is a start-up Green Energy company which is the culmination of 4 years of R & D by the 2 principals involved in seeking new innovative energy solutions for the 21st century. The principals have combined their 60 years of sales, marketing and venture capital financing experience to form BESI. The Syngas Technology represents the right product at the right time and based on prototype results, the right price. The overwhelming statistics of 50% less footprint and modular construction for a generation plant compared to conventional plants, plus the emission controls made the decision for our company to represent Syngas technology easy.

    About Syngas International Corp:

    Syngas International Corp. (OTC Bulletin Board: SYNI - News), through its subsidiary, Syngas Energy Corp., is an emerging leader in the development and marketing of low-cost alternate fuels worldwide. We believe our superior technology will catapult our company into a GREEN POWERHOUSE. With energy prices at high levels and the global focus moving rapidly towards addressing pollution, the need for sustainable, zero emission energy is vital. Our technology is based on clean renewable energy. We foresee our company poised to benefit from global trends.

    No I do not own this and it just caught my eye.....since we are all posting Junk OTC stocks I thought I would have this one up as well......

    When times look tough, don't look to OTC to make back your cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  6. Since we are talking long shots this press release looks interesting on CRVH......Once again I don't play around in these areas, but my risk level is very different than most!!!!

    Chilco River Holdings Targets 2007 For Grand Re-Opening of Bruce Casino
    Saturday March 17, 9:00 am ET

    WALNUT, CALIFORNIA--(MARKET WIRE)--Mar 17, 2007 -- Chilco River Holdings Inc. (OTC BB:CRVH.OB - News) is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement in principal to secure the necessary funding to complete the renovation of its successful Bruce Hotel and Casino. Under this arrangement - which allows for equity funding up to $10,000,000 with the first $1,000,000 due this month - Chilco will be able to proceed with the Bruce's grand re-opening scheduled for August.

    The Bruce Hotel and Casino is a "destination" hotel and casino located in Lima, Peru which offers a variety of restaurants and gaming casino to its clientele. Before its closing for renovations, the casino was thriving, with revenues in excess of $10,000,000 and profits in excess of $4,000,000.

    "This funding allows us to devote our attention to the renovation and 'Grand Re-Opening' of the casino," stated Tom Liu, Chief Executive Officer, Chilco River Holdings. "The completion of the remodeling effort will further enhance our first-rate facilities and allow us to significantly increase our income. We are pleased that we will also be able to keep the hotel up and running throughout this process."

    About Chilco Holdings Inc.

    Chilco River Holdings Inc. is a diversified, Peruvian-based, U.S. listed gaming company. Chilco owns and operates Lima's Bruce Hotel and Casino, the second largest casino in Peru, one of only seven licensed casinos in the country. It has developed its own line of low-priced, proprietary slot machines which are licensed in Venezuela, Columbia, Chile and Peru. The company is in the late stages of development on a Spanish-language and Chinese-language interactive poker website and it has made a significant investment in the research and development of a wireless poker gaming station.

    Safe Harbor - NO ASSURANCES CAN BE GIVEN THAT ANY PROJECTIONS WILL BE REALIZED. This press release includes forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including, but not limited to, product delivery, the management of growth, market acceptance of certain products and other risks. These forward-looking statements are made in reliance on the "safe harbor" provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. For further information about these factors that could affect Chilco River Holdings Inc. future results, please contact the company directly. Prospective investors are cautioned that forward-looking statements are not guarantees of performance. Actual results may differ materially from management expectations.

    Volume up 2 days in a row
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  7. Topdown, here's your retraction in ZROS. Anybody want to call a bottom? My money's on $1.00.
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  8. It'll hit a buck before it hits 2. Hell of a run though, and a good call by the OP.
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    1.312 is the exact Fibonacci 2/3 retracement from the 3/15 low to the 3/19 high. Interestingly enough, ZROS went to 1.315 this morning and then bounced up. It looks that will be key support. If it fails, likely back to $1, otherwise I would expect to see a period of consolidation in the 1.35 to 1.60 range.
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  10. Just picked up some ZROS at 1.02 and crossing fingers! :D
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