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  1. Does anybody have any thoughts they would care to share on Mylan? I bought it awhile back in my retirement account when all the epi-pen stuff was going on and they dipped quite a bit. All the attention they were getting from the news and politics etc, I was thinking the down move was a little over done and that once the spotlight was off them they would ease back up as the valuation seemed to make sense. Thus far, I've been proven pretty wrong!

    We just switched plan administrators for 401k's at work, and the new company decided to lock us out before the end of the year and keep us locked out until just a few days ago, so haven't had much choice on closing the position until just the past couple days and of course it has been hammered during that time span.

    PE should come in under 10 when full year earnings come out, PEG is under 1, I guess just the unknown politically with all the healthcare stuff might be what is keeping it down. Just looking for a second opinion here
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    It seems cheap to me and the public outcry will pass. That's my uninformed opinion.
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  3. That is basically how I feel. Just wasn't sure if there are some real risks I am overlooking here. We will see!
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    There are still real risks IMO, because Trump has said several times that pharma is getting away with murder on their drug prices. I believe his comments are why the sector is so weak lately and was pathetic today also.
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  5. That right there is my exact concern. The wildcard that is our president. I just don't know which way he could go on some of this stuff.
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    There are real risks when the government is mad at you and thinks you might lie. It's hard to get anything through FDA under those circumstances. They need to change out the C-suite.
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    I think Trump is gonna make good on his promise to have cms negotiate drug prices----but I feel MYL should be less impacted because they are mainly into generics.