NBA.... NY.... Kyrie Irving

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  1. Kyrie Irving allowed in the Barclay Arena with no mask and not being vaccinated

    Kyrie Irving allowed in the locker room in every other city (except toronto) as well as to play with his teammates and other people in the NBA sweating and playing against each other

    Kyrie Irving allowed on the floor to greet his Nets teammates.

    Kyrie goes into the Nets locker room last night... NBA fined Nets $50,000...

    This is the stupidity that gives Covide deniers ammunition to show the hypocrisy...

    Kyrie is no longer the problem...
  2. Overnight


    What are you on about? Kyrie Irving masks, sweat and othe...Oh, shit, I forgot, we still have a pandemic on!

    My bad, got lost in all the Ukraine shit. HAHA! Thanks for keeping it real and letting the MSM know that there is other stuff going on in the world besides fucking Ukraine. *fart*
  3. easymon1


    Thats redonkulous to take him off the court, let him walk in the door.
    Bureaucrats love this crap, lol.
    JUMP! Bitches! LOL.