Need help-education moving (or not) from Interactive brokers TWS: ES Day trading only

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  1. Hi All,

    Is it time to upgrade from IB TWS? I have a limited understanding of how to evaluate a new system. I trade ES futures contracts only. Size is relatively small (<5 to 10). Most trades are under 5 minutes. Execution speed, relative to what I see in a chart is critical. Will not run an API, or co-location setup.

    Would a setup like

    Data from TT or CQG
    Front end MT5 or Sierra trader, Rithmic Pro
    FMC such as AMP or Dorman

    Be a faster execution?

    Frankly confused and looking for guidance. The key here is better execution relative to what I see on the screen.

    What are the key factors one should be looking at for faster more reliable execution, not including internet latency?

    Thanks in advance
  2. What's wrong with IBKR?
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    AMP offers MT5 customized for futures with a CQG feed. You will not get better than that based upon your desired specs. Better execution is not an issue if you are trading only 5-10 contracts. It will be as fast as you can click your darn mouse.
  4. IBKR seems fine except I get lag where orders are executing before they show on the charts, by about 1 sec.

    Faster execution would be great but I suspect it is my internet slowness more than anything else.
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  6. Most European brokers are not real stock brokers but CFD. They cant provide direct access to market (ecns like arca or bats)
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    Execution speed does not seem to be your issue, it is the chart update/refresh rate.
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    I've seen AMP advertising but does Interactive brokers cater for the small trader ( Micros) FUTURES- with smaller margins and initial deposit?
    Can you use Tradeview charts with this broker?
    Am in the UK