Need urgent help for Quote Tracker

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Happy Hopping, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. There is some talk from those idiots from my tech support team that

    "As of Monday, QuoteTracker has had an issue with backfill. This issue affects all QuoteTracker users, using any data source (not just Stockwatch). We've been informed of a fix from some customers available at:"

    needless to say, the patch doesn't work

    Any1 else has the same problem and how do you fix it?

    Also, is there a better software than quote tracker? All the existing software seems to be non-indepdenent, as in, you have to subscribe to a certain trading firm to use.

    I have been using quote tracker, but if there is a better 1 out there, I'll use it, my real time data provider is
  2. I had the backfill and applied two patches with links found in another thread. One is to bypass the registration servers and the other to fix the backfill problem.

    At first I was not able to resolve the problem but after a few tries it worked. Start by rebooting your computer. Before starting QuoteTracker, apply the two patches. Ensure it is going to the file directory where you have QT and allow it to override any files it needs to. This worked for me.