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  1. first off i couldn't figure out exactly what forum to post this in so if it is the wrong one let me know and i'll repost there or mod please move it.

    is the upcoming ruling on net neutrality a potential huge threat for remote traders?

    i trade from home and am actually thinking of moving out into the suburbs in the spring, but am now thinking this may not be a smart risk to make. if i have to start commuting to the cbot to trade due to a slow internet connection i'm going to be pissed. has anyone else given this any thought or are there any articles about it anywhere vis-a-vis a remote traders point of view? i tried to google it and didn't see anything. i'm just wondering if i'm tin-hatting it up or if this is an actual fear others are weighing. i'd hate to buy a house thinking i have no work commute only to find that i put myself into an hour+ commute due to this.
  2. It is about time big telecom did something about the businesses that have been freeloading on their networks. Don't forget who built and let the internet happen on their networks It was rightfully theirs in the first place. I look at it as if you build a mansion on someone else land. If you do that then don't complain when they come and take it away. This is exactly what is happening in the middle east. God's chosen people were granted land ruled by England and now the other party wants it back Too Bad!

    Besides that a free internet is a threat to national security. It needs regulation, censorship and taxation just like any other industry. Too much of a good thing is bad!
  3. i hope this is satire- it is crazy that i'd have to pay out my ass to get an "upgraded" broadband connection to then have my data come to me slower because the entity i'm connecting to didn't also pay to have the delivery upgraded. as we see a lot of developing nations skipping right over actual copper line infrastructure and skipping directly to wireless data transmission i can only hope that if this does pass it'll end up cutting the cable companies out of the loop as people circumvent them. but in the mean time i'm worried my trading data may come unreliably and force me to relocate to an office on the floor.
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  5. Look at the upside..... As a trader chances are there would be a superior deal for faster data. Most brokers would broker a deal with these providers and leave the latency for the non-professional users.

    The reality of all sector cycles is that a few big companies always control anything that is worth while in the end. Even going back to the industrial revolution and the hundreds of auto makers trading on the NYSE that have been swallowed up. It is only a matter of time till the old and corrupt find their way into taking away from the young and naive. Right or wrong does not matter. It is how the world has always worked. You let the new generation work their a$$ off and then you take it all away once they tire out, make a mistake or even find a way to make them fail. It does not take much to give people enough rope to hang themselves.
  6. If I were in power I would have ended this free uncensored internet years ago. It is bad for business and quiet frankly it is what is corrupting our youth. When something is free it cannot last forever. Besides that the simple fact that you don't know who is communication on these networks is a problem. Just look at me. I can be anybody!!!!!
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    You can have that.just go to china and stay there
    ps-you might not be able to post on ET from there, but I'm fine with that :)