New BTC futures ETF

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  1. Meme and smiley against reality:
    NY times:

    Power Outages Hit China, Threatening the Economy and Christmas
    High demand and soaring energy prices have forced some factories to shut down, adding further problems for already snarled global supply chains.


    China’s energy crisis threatens lengthy disruption to global supply chain
    Months of shortages have cut power to households in China's north-east and caused outages at factories across the country.
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  2. zdreg


    The limits on withdrawals have triggered a thriving black market in cheques for some of the billions of US dollars stuck inside the Lebanese banking system © Joseph Eid/AFP via Getty Images

    So desperate was Jamal, a businessman, to get his cash out of his bank account in Lebanon that he agreed to a transaction that would make no sense anywhere else in the world. He sold a cheque for half of its face value. “Someone took 50 per cent of my money, yes. But I was so happy” to get it out of the bank, said Jamal, who did not want his real name to be published.
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  3. MrMuppet


    Perhaps this is one of the best examples of why crypto has value
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  4. Pekelo


    BITO is listed at 40 premarket...
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  5. Pekelo


    MSTR (and the other mining companies too) is tanking. Maybe investors are switching from a mining proxy to the new ETF...
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  6. johnarb


    Too early to tell. I'll say wait a week or so
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  7. maxinger


    yesterday volume traded was 25million, 2nd largest ETF volume.
    a very impressive number.

    and after many years (exaggerated), Micro BTC futures volume only 25k !?
    It will die of natural death.

    I haven't traded shares / ETF for decades.
    now my shares / etf trading skill is very rusty.
    Time to start trading BITO.
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  8. BTC is arising again! Should I sell some for the profit? Based on the past experience, the best selling timing is while the price arising.
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  9. KCalhoun


    daytraded BITO starting 42.4 today... YEAH!


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  10. Overnight


    Live Cattle traded only 13K today, and has been around for a lot longer than MBT. It has not died "of natural death"?
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