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    Hi everyone,

    Some of you may know me, I go by the Canadian Futures Trader. I started my YouTube channel just about a year ago, and my website about 10 months ago. I trade the treasury products, mainly UB, some ZB & ZN using Jigsaw Daytradr. Very much a student of John Grady.

    I make no bones about it, I'm an affiliate for several trader evaluation firms. But, as an affiliate and as someone who has passed pretty much all of them, I have some exclusive discounts. Costs you nothing, save some buckaroos.

    I know some people have a problem with funded trader programs, and that's fine. They are difficult to pass. But they are passable, I have. All of the companies I put on my site I can 100% vouch for, there are plenty I pass on.

    Apex Trader Funding - use code CAN50 for 50% off any evalutation
    Earn2Trade - no code needed - save 20% on any evaluation, or if E2T is running a better sale, you get their price
    Leeloo Trading - 20% off for new traders with them - use code CFT15
    Uprofit Trader - no exclusive promo, but use code XMAS25 for 25% off in Dec 2021
    Topstep - 20% off for new traders with them

    You can also visit my site for the latest, I keep it updated daily:

    If you were thinking about signing up or had questions, I'm happy to answer. If you've ever written me I think you can vouch that I go out of my way to write very long, non biased info back to each person. I'm trying to help newer traders, I was one less than 2 years ago and honestly it's work to wade through the nonsense out there. This is my way to help out.
  2. Hello,

    Having looked into various of these firms I firmly believe that the only serious alternative is Earn2Trade and I'm still undecided on if it's a worthwhile pursuit. My main complaint is that these firms have zero interest in funding traders, but collecting sign-up fees. So, let's just be transparent and honest about that.

    With LeeLoo/Apex you'll effectively have traders who are winning who get liquidated because of the stupid rule about trailing drawdown on unrealized profits. I personally know someone who got liquidated after making 10K of profits and even on a profitable day. Clearly not a firm who's interested in funding traders.

    On your web page you write this about Apex:

    What do you mean by Apex having funded over $113 million to futures traders?

    We all know that with Apex/LeeLoo (which seems virtually identical) there is NO funding. You're effectively trading on a simulator. You will get paid based on what you earn on a simulated account, but it's NOT trades that goes to the market.

    That's why I'm puzzled about this statement of having funded over $113 million to futures traders?

    Finally, as for paying out, the pay-out structure makes sure that your "profits" are safely locked away such that your first $10K of profits will take you at least 6 months to withdraw. For some, that may not be a problem, but it certainly would be for me. I figure it's another way to increase the odds of the trader losing those profits before it's time to get paid.

    Thank you.
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  3. Overnight


    I am guessing that they mean they have signed up that much money in the 10K, 50K etc amounts in total.

    You know, like if 100 people sign up for the 50K accounts, the company says they funded $5,000,000. Fuzzy maths.
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    The $113 million are accounts that have passed (not just signed up as Overnight implied). So say 10 people pass a $300K account, that'd be $3 million.

    Yes, they aren't putting $113 million in accounts. It's no secret. Basically all of the companies don't these days, even those with funding partners will have you do some type of sim first. The reality is its a mixed bag of whose passing. Those who yolo'd it and managed to pass, and those who actually tried and have skill. I kind of don't blame all the companies for not giving out actual funding day one. Let the yolo'ers weed themselves out. But if you can demonstrate skills, regardless of if it's a funded-sim account or not, as long as they pay out has always been my focus. I realize though some people want a real funding partner backing a company, and that's fair.

    Agree the payout structure is stretched out. I guess 2 sides of the coin are again it lets the yoloers weed themselves out, anyone who is it in for the long run is okay with building up a balance for a later payday while taking out nominal amounts the first say 6 months.

    In the end, yeah Apex isn't going to be a fit for everyone. There's lots of options in the industry now though, so kind of a "something for everyone" type of situation. Or, for people who don't agree with the funded trader program business model at all, that's cool also. Plenty of brokerages willing to set you up and trade your own account. Live and let live.
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  5. Thank you for clarifying that.

    I'd say it's misleading, though. Wouldn't it be more accurate to say 10 people passed the $300K Combine?

    It does give gullible newbies (which I think are the main source of income for these firms) the impression that this company are seriously staking traders with millions and even billions when the truth is you are still trading in simulator.

    By the way - there was also a mention of a top tier funding partner. Who's that?

    Completely understandable.

    Personally, I'm not sure I'd have that trust in a firm like Apex or LeeLoo considering that it's a well known fact that you're trading on a simulator. Let's say I make a windfall profit of $100K within the first month. Just by luck that could happen to a few of the traders enrolled in the program.

    So, let's say Apex now have to pay out $300K within the next 6 months. Can we trust that they'll honor that deal? Or will they just declare bankruptcy?

    With E2T / TopStep you are as far as I've understood trading a real brokerage account, so if you make profits they can pay you directly from that and even take a 20 % cut. Win - win for both parties.

    But with Apex/LeeLoo it's money directly out of the firm's pocket. Meaning they'll have every incentive to make you fail and not honor their part of the deal.

    The view I've taken on all these firms is that they can be a good training wheel for a trader who's ready to take the next step after simulator trading, but that it's not a serious alternative for actual funding. If I see someone who's actually pulling serious $$$ out of such a firm and receiving backing beyond his own accumulated profits I may change my mind.

  6. wmwmw


    Myforexfunds is a much better choice.
    For example, earn2trade has a 40% discount on one of their products, but that deal is still significantly worse than MFF's regular product.Not to mention the companies you recommended.
    Check out Myforexfunds to compare for yourself.

    Gauntlet Mini™ $50,000 Account at 40% discount:

    2000 drawdown 3000 profit target;
    $99 monthly fee
    trailing drawdown

    Myforexfunds 20000 evaluation account:

    2400 drawdown 1600 profit target;
    $139 one time fee;
    fixed drawdown
    free unlimited retries if not reach profit target but hold positive balance at the end of challenge.

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    Except for 3 things:

    The site you listed is all forex, and everything I talk about is futures. 2 totally different product groups.

    2nd: never once heard of that site, seems like a cheap try at advertising them.

    3rd: 50% profit split.

    Try again.
  8. Fonz


    As soon as I checked (good for ET also..)
    I received this popup:

    We’re kicking off the holiday season with an over 40% discount for the Gauntlet Mini™ $50,000 account. Use the code "holidays21" or follow this link to start the test for $99 and become a funded futures trader. The discount will be applied to your subscription every month until you pass, cancel or change your plan. The offer expires on December 31 at midnight CST, end of day"
  9. wmwmw


    You made several mistakes:

    1. They have SPX500 which is equal to ES;
    NAS100 which is equal to NQ;
    US30 which is equal to YM;
    USOIL which is equal to crude CL;
    XAUUSD which is equal to gold.

    2.Yes. they are new, started from 2020;But currently traders flowing into their site overwhelm any of their competitors.

    3.First month 75%, second month 80%, third month 85%.
    I am in second month live account and I get 80% split.

    4. They also have other benefits:
    If you pass challenge you get 112% fee refund plus bonus, total 140% of you original fee back.
    If you fail to reach profit target but hold a positive balance at the end of challenge, you can ask an one time extension, for example, If you finish at 6% up, which fail 8% profit target, you can have your next free try starting from 6% up, not from the original balance.If you fail again and still hold a positive balance, then next free tries you start from original balance;
    You can hold position overnight and over weekend; And you can trade news.
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    If you understand difference between trailing drawdown and fixed drawdown, a trailing drawdown is a lot of tougher to pass challenge than a fixed drawdown, and 3000 profit target is a lot tougher than 1600 profit target;
    Also earn2trade's 2000 drawdown is less than MFF's 2400 drawdown, 99 monthly fee is more than 139 one time fee because you can't pass their challenge in one month, because it is a 150% profit target, so you at least will pay 198 for their challenge.
    At earn2trade you pay more to get less funding for a much much tougher challenge.
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