News Events: Why does price sometimes react a lot, but sometimes not?

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  1. Say NZD Employment, sometimes when the actual is worse than forecast and previous numbers, it doesn't react much. But sometimes it does. Why so?
  2. its because healthy markets shrug bad news and continue in the direction and unhealthy markets don't and react viciously. Think of it tired market versus not tired, can overcome obstacles
  3. maxinger


    aud and nzd are rather immune to economic data release.
    it simply means those data are trivial
    and there is some other thing that is more important.

    you just need to go through the historical data to have to feel.
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  4. tomorton


    NZD can be regarded as a sub-set of AUD. The two economies are closely linked, almost everything that NZ buys or sells goes through Australia. AU's population is 5x NZ's. If Australia and the AUD are doing well, be wary of shorting NZD.
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  5. SunTrader


    Markets move because they have to (where the stops are). So times when the market doesn't move, it didn't have to. Simple as that. You might understand someday.
  6. just stick to technical analysis :)
  7. Kodakoto


    The price reaction depends on the severity, the news and its weight in the market.