No IB Server Down thread as of 15:04:36.859 EDT

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by Quah, Aug 23, 2005.

  1. Quah


    Anyone else?

  2. BSAM


    Mine is not down.....1507 hours.
  3. Quah


    Just 1507 hours?

    How about a little higher significance in that number. We needs it, man.

  4. BSAM


    Up and running @ 15:24:54.314 hours.
  5. please no IB is down threads, it would be a mile long ...and depending on the day and conditions

  6. Lucrum


    My IB connection has worked all day.
    I can't say the same for my ISP Comcast.
  7. Quah


    This IS a no IB down thread thread.
  8. nassau


    I personally think it is very important that traders let others know that their broker or software has problems. To many times traders are given support or execution information of a circumstance that is not accurate and without others sharing we stand alone. This / these threads allow us to validate our situations whether it is the same broker or software on a continual bases should not annoy anyone but allow us to possibly avoid the same problems.
    I think all traders would acknowledge that all brokers and software have problems, occassionally, the key word being occassionally.

    My two cents worth, I sincerely hope traders will continue to let others know, reguardless of how small the issue.

  9. Nassau, I made a posting saying substantially the same thing that you said. I made that posting earlier today, in another thread, which had been started by somebody complaining that IB's datafeed is down. Quah mildly ridiculed the thread-starter, for starting an "IB down" thread, so I stepped in to defend the valuable use of such threads for diagnostic purposes. I urged people to ignore the type of ridicule spewed by Quah, and to continue starting "broker down" threads.

    I am now amazed, because it appears to me that the entire thread has been deleted. I can't imagine why such an innocuos thread would have been deleted.
  10. Quah


    Because 99% of the time someone starts a thread that says a broker is down -

    1) That broker is IB
    2) The broker isn't really down
    3) The thread starter just has some specific problem that they don't even try to resolve with the broker

    Given the fact that (probably) an extremely high percentage of the users here us IB, of course it will appear that IB has more problems.

    IMO, it's simply not fair - just like that thread yesterday. The original poster said IB was down, yet everyone else posted that it was okay for them. Now what? What good did that do? It did nothing for the user, and it ends up being just another misleading thread about IB. Notice that no one ever comes back and says "it was my ISPs problem" or anything like that. And even if they did, the damage was done already with the thread title.

    Hell, I don't even use IB and I sound like I'm defending them.

    If I was using them, and my connection was down - I guess I'd spend all my time trying to resolve that problem - and NONE of my time posting on ET that my connection was down.
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