No Need for Capitol Security They Said....

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  1. Look at the news today as some fucktard rammed a car into capitol police
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    Yeah, anyone that truly understands what happen on January 6th...they know there's domestic threats still in the area or can easily come to the area on any given day.

    Guy arrested got out of the vehicle with a knife...after ramming the police officers.

    They'll most likely now put that security fencing with the barb wire back up in that specific area after it was recently taken down.


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    Maybe, if you did not have a usurper-in-chief in charge, Joe Biden without a clue to doing anything, something good will get done? Have you ET trolls not noticed that since, Joe Biden was put in power, US enemies have been emboldened, terrorists have been more active, criminals coming out of the woodwork? That is right fools, under the extreme liberal Democrats, criminals and terrorists are not to be charged or prosecuted. Just look at the hate crimes against Asians. How many of those cases are even prosecuted as hate crimes? And how many charges are filed against the suspects? Asians who vote for Democrats----this is your doing!
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    MAGat drives car into Capitol drive. What a fucking surprise.
  5. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

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  6. The White Race continues to be an embarrassment to the white race.
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  7. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    A cop has died.
  8. wrbtrader



    Domestic Terrorist has killed another Capitol Police Officer.

    GOP will be in an uproar if more fencing will be put back up that helps to protect their pathetic asses plus other congressional members / staff after they complained its an "eyesore". :(


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    Trumper brings knife to a gunfight bc he's a felon. Uses car as a weapon. All GOPers... please kill urselves.
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    blue lives matter they said...
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