No response from investor relations

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by TraderSU, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. I have emailed and called investor relations several times. Have received no response from the company. No one could be this stupid. Stock at year low and they don't want to talk to anyone.

    Any clue - what's going on?

  2. Jesus


    Which stock?
  3. Guess it smells bad.
  4. The company and stock are "flatlining". :cool:
  5. jj90


    I guess they told you to BEAT IT....:D
  6. It helps if, when you call or e-mail, that you mention that you are a shareholder. You have to understand short-sellers and others unwelcome callers are doing the same thing you are, and IR might be trying to duck them. After all, their job is to service shareholders - they're not obligated to entertain calls from others.
  7. NoBailOutBoy, I love those nicknames!
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    look what they did to him:

    But for Mr. Kennedy, the call brought internal pressure and unexpected criticism. He found himself the subject of a complaint to the Securities and ...

    why doesnt anyone complain to the SEC when these analysts are wrong????
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