No White Male Priviledge They said..

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  1. Judge Spares Man in Teen Rape Case: ‘Incarceration Isn’t Appropriate’
    The man, Christopher Belter, had pleaded guilty in the sexual assaults of four teens. He faced eight years in prison, but a judge sentenced him to probation instead.

    “I’m not ashamed to say that I actually prayed over what is the appropriate sentence in this case because there was great pain,” the judge, Matthew J. Murphy III of Niagara, N.Y., County Court, said at Mr. Belter’s sentencing on Tuesday, according to WKBW, a local television station. “There was great harm. There were multiple crimes committed in the case.”

    Still, the judge continued, “It seems to me that a sentence that involves incarceration or partial incarceration isn’t appropriate.”

    You telling me a poor white or any type of black male pleading guilty to 4 rapes would simpyl get probation????
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    Nation Wrecking - Old Senile White Politicians - Unearned Priviledge
    "Incarceration Appropriate?"

    Get out of the way.
    Turn that up a little-bit.

    Any Graft, Corruption, Influence Peddling, Malfeasance? ... oh yeah, Insider Trading?
    Book 'em Danno. Step It Up! LOL. Sure Thing. These folks are gonna ride this horse into the ground.

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    That's f-d up. What's the income bracket of the perp's mommy and daddy. Judge should be investigated for graft-corruption. DOJ, you on this? Riiiight.
    Hey parents. You like this thing next to your daughter?
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  4. As soon as the judge said he prayed on this he should have been disbarred....
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    Imagine if this dude was Muslim:

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    I think you have a point that young whites are more likely to be given a second chance than young people of color.
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    Rich parents helped Belter Skelter out too. Skelter had already violated probation even beFore he was sentence. Stay tuned for more. You get the behavior that you reward.
  8. Tony Stark

    Tony Stark

    Or black or brown
  9. I wonder how many hispanics and blacks get off like this and no one reports it in the media?

    And one whitey gets off on this charge and a thread has to be started about it? wtf

  10. Even this rustles your racist feathers haha

    I can post several articles of wealthy white rapists getting off because judges felt sorry for them..
    I can post several articles of regular black and brown people getting long prison sentences for the same thing...

    fuck off if the truth hurts :)
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