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  2. Overnight


    Exactly! I am learning to look!
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  3. themickey


    Too late, the basket of deplorables are through the gate. :)
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  4. wrbtrader


    I only have a problem with "new members" joining the forum and then immediately entering the Politics threads or any thread about Covid / Vaccines...then staying there for every single post they make.

    Simply, they are the obvious ones that joined ET for the sole purpose engage in Political debates or debates about any controversial topic.

    This is why I think Baron should setup the Political thread section with its own independent log-in in which members must have a certain number of message posts in the trading threads (e.g. > 250 message post minimum requirement) before being allowed into the Political or Chit Chat section.

    They then must send a formal request to enter those heated debate areas that has absolutely nothing to do with trading.

    The problem (already there's been complaints) here in the Feedback section...some members here at ET from the Political threads are posting direct links from it to other fanatic forums (e.g. far right or far left) to attract non-traders to ET.

    Obviously Baron can not stop people from posting about ET elsewhere but he can make it difficult for "new members" to join ET for the sole purpose to argue / debate / post misinformation / post disinformation in the Political & Chat Chat threads.

    The above requirements will also help to minimize banned members from reinventing themselves under a new user name for the purpose to continue whatever it was that resulted in them being banned.

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  5. themickey


    Yes, it's too late to kick out old timers who seem to just live in this area of ET.
    But having no filters in place to allow new members in I think requires looking into.

    As time progresses, social media requires more controlling, not less.
    The wild west of social media needs regulating to prevent those who wish to sow discord.
    ET is about trading first and foremost, posters who just want to use ET purely for politics need to be banned or blocked out imo.
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  6. Overnight


    You should post your idea in the Feedback section. I think, aside from Baron's new crypto journal, that the feedback section is his favorite hangout here, hehe.

    On this bit though...

    "...They then must send a formal request to enter those heated debate areas that has absolutely nothing to do with trading...."

    The idea about a minimum post limit is intriguing, but it should be automatic. Mods having to approve every request to go there is just an extra burden on them.

    And an independent login for a single section of the site? I bet that would never ever happen. Too much code, too burdensome and unwieldy for the users, and totally nonsensical.
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  7. Bugenhagen


    But say, hypothetically, somebody is a really good trader who has always answered any questions asked of him on trading but found thinking about trading while trading was mentally exhausting..
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  8. themickey

    themickey bs :) :)
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    Nah, timezone and products you trade have to be considered though?

    A CME futures day trader may need very little outside information, less is more, no Twitter and such. The odd time there a WTFJH and its helpful to check in with a group but there is very little to talk about really. Trade entry, wait, repeat.

    Ask anyone a question about the products they trade, usually they will switch out of politics etc. mode and give a straight answer. There have been a few though who found politics etc. purely by some external search, nothing to do with trading. That politics is not set for Google crawling AFAIK reduces these randoms massively I'm sure.
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  10. themickey


    Actually that's an interesting point, if you are not logged onto ET, ie predominantly this affects non members, then on the ET web page, Politics, religion, chat etc sections are not displayed. That would stop a lot of prospective new members signing up to come here to troll their non trading nonsense.

    The one issue, ET is 3rd party browser software and Baron cannot customize it, or he has very limited capacity to do so, I believe.
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