Not making enough money in trading -----> Looking for a job>>PLEASE HELP!!

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  1. Hello,

    I have been trading full time for the past three years, recently have been profitable, but of course the earnings from trading are not sufficient to sustain myself.

    Therefore I am exploring what would be a suitable job to earn a regular salary, whilst also allowing me to continue trading as a side hobby (which most of you on here treat it as).

    About me:

    My concerns:
    1. I need a job that pays fairly well (Not necessarily $100K
    2. I need a job that doesnt take over my life---> I get to go home at 17h00, and have my weekends (to hopefully spend on my trading hobby)
    3. Should be white job, but I will entertain certain businesses.

    Thank you so much for helping me out guys...

    This is a serious thread, please no dumb recommendations please.

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  2. Be an online Guru -- or make crazy Youtube videos. -- create a following somehow, and be an internet celebrity -- just like those girls who give makeup tips
  3. Can you be SERIOUS PLEASE???
  4. ...I am. o_O;)
    I know it may seem silly, but it's an option. -- all of those web stars, started out as nothing like you. (no offense)

    All you need is a camera...and start talking your given topic of choice. --
    alot of people on youtube have a huge following and views and ad revenues.
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  5. OptionGuru


    IMO ....... A trade would be better than a white collar type of job, like an Electrician. After a 4-year apprenticeship you get your ticket and can work almost anywhere. It's important to have something you can fall back on if the trading doesn't work out.

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  6. @OptionGuru

    Thank you for taking the time to provide your opinion.

    You sure that is a wise idea, given I have spent four years doing a business degree and one year gaining experience as an accountant?
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    • What's the employment situation like in your chosen profession?
    • Does the school have some sort of job placement program?

    • You are almost guaranteed employment in some sort of trade.
    • The pay is good and you are paid as you learn.
    • Taking a pre-apprenticeship course isn't necessary but it helps at first to get hired.
    • If you are persistent you could get hired as a 1-year apprentice without a pre-apprenticeship course.
    • The above applies to Western Canada, maybe in Eastern Canada as well - I see you are from Ontario.

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    The accounting field is a good one! Go with what you know!!
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    The OP appears to be having seconds thoughts about accounting.

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