NQ Intraday Trading

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  1. Just buy the dips, trade in the direction of the major trend. That's up by the way. Placed buy order at 14946
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  2. Average price now 14942
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    lately NQ range has been rather small compare with say Russell 2000.
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  5. Next week FOMC alot of earnings and month end. Its going to be a love fest, summer of free money.

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  6. Just buy anywhere, and wait. Think you bought the top, think again, new highs served up fresh. Won't be long till the financial media will be blasting headlines...NEW RECORD HIGH ON WALL STREET.

    Its all rigged to the upside folks, always has been. I recommend buy the dips. Its been working for that last 100 years.
  7. So easy........Cha Ching $$$$$$$$

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  9. Powell's 12 year old grandson is advising him. Grandson says don't stop.
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    Finally rickshaw you see the light. Don't fight JPOW buy every fucking dip is the way
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