Nursing home hell

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  1. bookish


    It is comming faster than you are anticipating.

    Forget about "elder abuse" the sick shit they do to you will have you wishing for a good old fashioned beating.

    Dont tell me you are going out with a bang, they will steal that gun and make sure you dont get another.

    No one is going to rescue you. Everyone that has "been there" is dead or dying. The young will tell you that you are imagining it, that you are paranoid, and "its not that bad."

    The only home you have any chance of trusting is one you help to create - with someone that isn't a criminal (not one of your friends).

    Who is with me?
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  2. FriskyCat


    Next time smoke the stuff with lower THC.
  3. bookish


    Enjoy your eventual stay in a nursing home, sucker.
  4. FriskyCat


    "Everybody gotta die sometime, Red".
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  6. bookish


    Die, yes. Nightmare Nursinghome, no