NY_Hood is now Brass Trader

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Bugenhagen, Oct 16, 2021.

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  1. Overnight


    Yep, you got the exact spirit of why I say it like that. That is the clip I think of when I type it. Magna knows it, I have posted that clip to him before, hehe
    #31     Oct 18, 2021
  2. Wallet


    Some of the raunchiest, most degrading posters here complaining about another.

    Brass trader, aka NY Hood or whatever, yep posts a ton of trash. Same could be said for a few on this thread. Maybe not as racist but just as classless and repulsive.
    #32     Oct 18, 2021
  3. wrbtrader



    I know...its going to be difficult for you to drink another glass of Milk again. :D

    #33     Oct 20, 2021
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  4. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    I find it hilarious that people complaining about an individual who was banned and came back as a new name also were once banned and came back under new names. Including the person who began the thread.
    #34     Oct 26, 2021
  5. destriero


    Chris, you're a racist and have become a fascist. Get your shit together, Bro.
    #35     Oct 26, 2021
  6. Bugenhagen


    The OP actually asked his old Nic to be killed off first. He was quite fed up and certainly should have been more patient.

    Tsing Tao from the mean streets of Perry Hall, Maryland had a well earned reputation for focusing on anything involving shooting black men in "stand your ground" or "good guy" news items. Your typical suburban white American past his prime guy who felt scardied and started collecting guns.

    Now one can see "mall ninja issues" in the realm of politics and policy but arguing that it was a mistake to to repeal Jim Crow, surpressing mixed race marriage again by the guy behind NY_Hood, Tarzan etc. is way too basic, too crude.
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    #36     Oct 26, 2021
  7. Overnight


    I always liked the old nick, as a name. Don't remember the content though...

    #37     Oct 26, 2021
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  8. Yeah, he doesn't mask it very well.

    #38     Oct 28, 2021
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  9. Supporting evidence? A post speaks for itself. I think if someone alerts the mods to an obviously offending post it is incumbent upon the moderator to do a quick review of that member's posts. It only takes a minute or two to spot a pattern and then do what needs to be done. You guys are the mods; it's your job to keep the place clean, not ours. A heads-up from us should be enough.
    #39     Oct 28, 2021
  10. What pisses me off is that my nic was Brass in a previous incarnation.
    #40     Oct 28, 2021
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