OANDA's 15 pip cable spread

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by notouch, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. notouch


    What's with OANDA's 15 pip cable spread? I saw it this morning around the time of the UK PPI release. How can they justify a 15 pip spread (5 times their normal spread) around the time of a medium volatility release? There is a lot of praise for OANDA on this forum but this seems like the sort of thing a bucket shop would do.
  2. At least they tell you before they do it....
  3. Did they?
  4. naz9403


    Get over it, or you can just go to fxcm where they just won't let you trade. All brokers are upping the spread during news. Something you have to deal with if you want to trade at a bucket shop.
  5. That's why I stick to currency futures and don't do any FX. I still don't trust the FX markets enough.
  6. notouch


    We're talking UK PPI here. I don't know of any other broker that ups the spread to 15 pips during this release. Even UK spread betting companies let you trade this and have better spreads.
  7. I have recently noticed Oanda has changed their algorithm to give more frequent fine tuned spreads. It variates much more often by decimals at times...have you guys noticed that?
  8. Did ES hijack your PC, MS? :D
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    I think you'll find spreds on 6B around most uk or us announcement got to at least 8-10 pips wide also. Solution? Don't trade if you can' handle the increas in spread
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