Objective Value - no, seriously.

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  1. Premise: Price discovery ought to be informed to some degree at least by the concept of an objective value about the thing for sale.

    How does one even begin to get his head around estimating the objective value of something like ETH (for example)?
  2. Your premise is wrong and even if you found some way for it to be right, your implementation will be wrong. So just trust price.
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    Trust price? lol. Now that is a great recipe for trading and investing...;-)

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    you can’t and that’s why those assets are so volatile.

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  5. I see.

    What is price?

    Oh, forgot to add in the OP, this is intended to be a discussion in which those unable to form a cohesive argument (or rebuttal, as in this case) will probably feel most unwelcome and might even be made fools of.
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    maybe a first approach is to obtain an arbitrage free price
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    Hard to do. How would you value properties with the assumption of no free money that fed lots of mortgages and corporate investments in retail housing? The only way I see this works is to go back in time and pick a period of where inflation traded at long term valuations and matching interest rates that kept price increases on a long term stable footing. That is where fair valuations of properties should be found. But to ever get there from current prices would require the Fed balance sheet to be unwound and 10yr rates to trade in the 3 to 4 percent region. That can take a long time.

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    Is that what they teach in college econ classes nowadays? Great abstraction worth dozens of books on the subject until someone comes along with another esoteric question.

    Supply and demand is still a pretty good measure of objective value, no?

  9. It's fine for liquid contracts to just trust that the market is smarter than you.
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    supply and demand leads to prices discovery. But not always.
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