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  3. Terrible terrible name. Bur what do i know? I would short it.
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    Hahaha! Fantastic coffee has many top level VCs and celebrity investors eg Bono, Tony Hawk, Jared Leto etc. and unlike Starbucks and Peets have purchased an upscale bakery chain Tartine Bakery, a two pronged attack.
  5. My friend is partners with Jared Leto in another very unique company.

    But yeah, i see im the outsider with blue bottle!
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    Well-wishes never hurt anyone, so good for them, I guess?
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    Too much coffee per day is really a big problem! I usually drink coffee in the morning, and maybe one cup during the day. But I have to say I'm hypotensive, so coffee helps me with my headache sometimes. When it comes about energy, I’d like to say, healthy sleeping, eating and training are your good friends. And of course, some useful services such this make your life easier, especially if you’re a student. Because we all know how student don’t sleep properly due to academic papers, researches and college parties ;)
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