October = bear-market killer, or will carnage continue?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by KCalhoun, Oct 1, 2022.

October markets will:

  1. Sell hard

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  2. Major recovery

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  3. Headfake bounces, selling continues

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  1. earning season is back, new quarter and me thinks earning will be ok. I can see a big bounce (bear rally) which you can sell again, rinse repeat and count de mone....
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  2. comagnum


    Bearish sentiment is at a record level & the mid-tem Oct-Jan period is where the largest gains have been made historically. Avg gains: SPX 20% since 1949, NDX100 IS 29.3% since 1971.

    Will be looking for a lower risk entry on Biotech & maybe the Russell2k due to its better relative strength if or when there is a typical bottoming pattern.
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  3. Specterx


    I have exactly the contrary view - feels to me like several markets (stocks and also gold) are on the edge of trap doors. So long as liquidity is shrinking (via rising rates and QT) we will stay in a bear market for risk, and bear markets make lower lows despite awful sentiment.

    Of course one wants to avoid shorting in the hole if you can...
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  4. KCalhoun


    One useful strategy is to follow various sectors to see which bounces first/strongest. Using a multi-sector line chart would do that, eg I'd plot sector specific etfs.

    And finviz is great
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  5. Overnight


    It will be carnage. I should know, I am long.

    Also, don't forget, the Fed is giving us a trick-or-treat at market close Monday evening! Hello interim rate hike. WHEEEE! Something new I have never traded through! Like how I never traded through an interim rate drop 2 years ago. Wheeee!

    C'Mon Powell, gimme' yer best shot, you jerk!
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  6. KCalhoun


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  7. sidbunch


    I added short at the close on Friday. Banking on more downside.
    Will add on pops
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  8. GotherL


    Don't think we will see any relief in the market until the elections are over.
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  9. GotherL


    This chart formation is very ugly. I am suspecting there will be a huge gap down. :(
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  10. KCalhoun


    Prolly headfake surprisingly strong headfake bounce any time now, to draw in bottomfish newbs, then epic selling. I'm buying inverses
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