OK, spam notification ignored for 24 hours, will try a new thread

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by TraderZones, May 15, 2010.

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  1. OK, spam notification ignored for 24 hours, will try a new thread


    65 posts, the last few all pointed to their website...
  2. Joe


    Magna banned him.

  3. TZ, sometimes on the weekend you'll get a slower response from us. We do other things than surf ET. :p
  4. mxjones


    These people have been spamming for days - here is a new one:

  5. No, they haven't been spamming for days. I am here each and every day (unless traveling, which I didn't do last week). I delete them on site.

    I got the one you mention above before you even posted this.
  6. mxjones


    Ivanovich - not sure why you want to be confrontational. That group/newsletter/site has been spamming since (at least) Saturday. They keep creating aliases and the one I listed above is the newest. I didn't say you or anyone else is doing anything wrong/not doing their job - I don't think you guys can keep them from creating alias after alias.

    It was just a fact...I am not sure how many aliases they have created, but this was the third I have seen.
  7. Not trying to be confrontational, mate. Just saying we deal with them as we can. On the weekends (see my first post in this thread) sometimes they get a little time between moderators because we don't log on as much.

    Regardless, you're right. We (the moderators) can't do anything to block them permanently, so it's always a case of catch up.

  8. mxjones


    I think it was just a misunderstanding. You originally thought I was saying the SPAM had been there for three days, when I was saying that group had been SPAMMING for three days with different aliases. No worries.
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