Online Trading Academy: secret patent revealed!!!

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    I used to tour every one of these schlockmeisters who came through town --
    I'd eat their cookies, drink their coffee, and silently correct the errors, lies and myths in the presentations -- definitely worth an hour or two, if the cookies hold up.

    Haven't seen any in a while, but got a note from Online Trading Academy, and went once again to the FREE SEMINAR ....... Still the same old lies --
    -- that you can make $50k annually from a $5k futures/forex account
    -- that Institutions sell to Retail in so-called Supply Zones, and
    -- that Retail sells back to Institutions in so-called Demand Zones
    That was the main idea, sprinkled with "News doesn't matter", "Fundamentals don't matter" and "technicals don't matter", yadda yadda yadda.

    But then, came a new one for me. (Or maybe I was laughing too hard during the prior 'classes' and I missed these gems....) This Academy trading program is patented, and could only be revealed to those who signed up as students or some such. I'll admit, I did not lean forward to quietly pose, "You do realize that a patent is a public record, and therefore a public document, don't you?" I just couldn't have done it with a straight face.

    But since there were a dozen people there, and 10 of that 12 appeared to be of.... "modest means," but also looked poised to fork over the $100 payment for the privilege of attending a 3-day sales rant/badgering session for *more* of their life savings.... I submit this to the interwebs -- complete with clickable text, explanatory pictures, and a lot of hoo-haw that suggests we don't pay our U.S. Patent & Trademark Office personnel nearly enough money.
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  3. Holy hell. I'm going to patent the process of checking out girls by wearing sunglasses..
  4. Shhhh, I know these guys, well met em anyway. What has happend over the years is that used car salesmen have moved into finance. I really feel bad for desperate folks who fall for this, the greedy quick buck folks, not so much

    The Ever Persistant VIPER
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    ROFLMAO, I wouldn't even get out of my easy chair for cookies. Around here they provide very decent dinners with Rib-eye, Salmon or Veggie platter to listen to their B.S., instead of correcting them every two minutes, I keep my mouth closed and have that "WOW, REALLY" face so I keep getting invited for more fake seminars, they even trying to sell at you as you buttering a roll and asking for more tea. I enjoy these deals, but almost everyone there are usually either broker than broker or went for the food and know it all B.S. I always give them phone number of INS.
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  6. Seriously, and I'm ashamed to admit it, but I'm an OTA graduate. I believed I'd found my edge in trading, that I was the luckiest guy in the world to have found OTA. I signed up for a £13,000 course and paid my £3k deposit.

    My membership came with a years subscription to their "Pro-Picks". Supply and demand zones that are picked by their instructors and supplied on their MyOTA website. I took Every one of them in late 2015 early 2016. Every one of them was a loser.

    If their own instructors cannot apply their patented strategy then how can their students?

    The one saving grace is I never paid them any more than my £3k deposit. I cancelled the bank direct-debit, and after a couple of months of calling and threatening, they gave up. There's no "credit agreement" with OTA, and nothing goes on your credit file. If you stop paying they will chase you for a while and then give up.

    If you've been sucked in by OTA and have come to the realisation of what they are, just stop paying them. Block their number, they will go away eventually and you'll have learned a hard lesson.

    Unlearning their shit took a lot longer though. Its pure poison. Their strategy is literally catching falling knives.

    To compound my shame I attach my certificate of OTA graduation.

    Happy to answer any questions about life as an OTA student beyond the freebie class.
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    A superb summary in three sentences.

    FWIW, it sounds like you got off light: you realized that it *was* poison, and escaped. Way big :thumbsup:.
  8. Unfortunately, a long bull market rewards the idiots who make bad calls and brings out the charlatans who prey on the vulnerable and naive. probably, they are making a killing.
  9. Superb :) I think I will have to do this as well for my own personal amusement :) Salivating at the thought of the free cookies :) The guys selling these courses are total crooks
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    I think most people invite it onto themselves, I think people put more time into planning a vacation or buying a car than seek how much work and study that goes into trading. If people actually worked like they were going to Havard for a Masters but do it in half the time, they would see how difficult to keep money let alone make it, and most likely few actually start the hard climb out of the rabbit hole of life. Too many are greedy beyond normal folks who know you have to work hard to get ahead, and usually the most lazy get lured into false hopes. And it no difference than any other business, you have to have that drive to excel beyond the others who are competing for better prices. Everyone who buys these systems have dreams of grandeur and why most get taken.

    Reasons of using colors of green/red, Christmas colors are associated with green/red, I often think that color association allows people to think in happy terms, cause green/red often just means go/stop on streets?
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