Order entry front end for IB on Linux

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    I'm sure this question has been asked before. However, after searching these forums and the Web I haven't found any positive answer.

    Is there an order entry software for Interactive Brokers that would work on Linux (and ideally implemented in Java)?

    I am looking for something like a simplified ButtonTrader. Or, in other words, TWS BookTrader with added chart matching the market depth (orderbook) ladder, more trading strategy options and integrated order/position/P&L tracking.

  2. LeeD


    One thread I found doesn't seem to list anything with a DOM that allows 1-click trading.
  3. cmc3566


    I think that's due to some software patent.

    Implementing it will get you sued.
  4. LeeD


    IB and ButtonTrader got around the famous Trading Technologies patent. NinjaTrader is paying a patent fee to TT, which doesn't stop NT from offereing the version without live trading for free,

    So, I don't see any immovable legal obstacle in implementing such a front end.
  5. contra


    SierraChart via wine works pretty well. I have not tested the DOM feature.

    You could run ButtonTrader or anything else through Virtualbox on a Windows guest if you needed to I'm sure.
  6. LeeD


    I was thinking more along the lines of a native Linux application (or cross-platform like Java).

    I am interested in something I could run on a "rooted" Android device with Linux installed.

    Hence anything that requires binary compatibility is out of question. The device would run an ARM processor.
  7. contra


    Not sure if there is anything for this in existence.
  8. TWS itself is supported on Linux.

    Third party front-ends written in Java should also work fine.
  9. LeeD


    I expect I can get TWS to work the way I want. I just think their Booktrader has some way to go before it becomes properly user-freindly.

    Regarding third-party front-ends in Java, I see FireTip mentioned in another thread but it's only licensed to institutional investors. So, the only realistic way to get it is to sign up with one of the multitude of supporting brokers.
  10. Sure, just run any windows software you want and use a remote desktop on your imac/ipad or any ARM device.
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