OTM leap options on silver futures

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  1. i was thinking about opening an IB account to buy leap OTM calls on silver. if someone could spare a min to look up a quote could you let me know how far out it is possible to buy an 80$ call? on cmegroup.com i see they quote dec '15 silver contracts, is it possible to buy a call that far out? or what is the furthest out contract that trades for options on silver futures?
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    I see options all the way out to 2015.
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    BTW, these are not leap options. They are options on futures. You can buy leaps on SLV.
  4. ?....??.... ! ....Thanks for the sell-signal. :cool:
  5. you are misunderstanding my goals in these purchases- it is not to make money through short-term speculation, it is insurance against the dollar [read: all fiat currencies] failing. i figure the dollar will fail as a currency at some point in my life, so if i constantly roll way OTM options on futures 5 yrs out for gold/silver then whenever it happens i'll be somewhat insulated from the effects. at 5 yrs out i'll only have to roll at most 2-3 times in my opinion before this happens.
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    What will you ever sell your options for though - U.S. dollars, right? So theoretically if Silver goes to $100 and you make a small fortune, it will be in worthless U.S. dollars. Not trying to criticize, just wondering why you would then want to make money in worthless dollars.

    Maybe you'd be better off buying physical silver (which I do like alot btw).

  7. You been finding sell signals on silver since the 20s. Pull the trigger yet?
  8. 1) !.... ? .... ?? .... !! ....Thanks for the NEW sell-signal? :p
    2) Ya gotta be nimble with this stuff if you're going to "fight" the dominant trend. The retracements are nice when you can catch them. :cool:
  9. That's definitely true. Silver makes sharp moves in both directions.
  10. so did you go broke yet? or if you want another sell signal i'll give you one- i still think the 100$ call's on dec 2012 futures are great buys at < 1$
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