Our kids are as dumbs as us with social media

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  1. If you watch tik tok then you knew there is a trend right now where kids steal shit from schools and post it on tik tok. Here is the note we all received today from the Superintendent. Like our kids are mindless fucks who do whatever social media tells them to do...like a lot of adults.

    Seriously......oxygenis being wasted on way too many people..

    Dear Families,

    It has come to our attention that a current trend has emerged on the social media platform TikTok, calling for students to vandalize schools and/or steal school property, then promote the acts under the tag, "Devious Licks."

    Unfortunately, schools across have been affected by this trend, with destructive acts that have caused significant and expensive damage, particularly in our student bathrooms.

    Thankfully, TikTok confirmed late yesterday that it has banned any content related to this trend as a violation of the platform’s community guidelines.

    To address this issue, our middle and high schools have been forced to reallocate staffing resources from other important roles to increase bathroom monitoring.

    I ask you to talk with your child and reinforce the message that this is inappropriate behavior with serious consequences, including disciplinary action under the Student Rights and Responsibilities.

    I appreciate your support and I believe that working together, our community can stop these troubling actions.
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  2. The answer is clear. We must prevent people from gathering and exchanging information through all mediums and using all methods possible. We must increase censorship of social media, use AI on electronic devices to flag potentially subversive conduct, and employ cameras along with quick response teams to detect and breakup gatherings of people who may planning attacks upon us.

    Perhaps China would be willing to give us some pointers on how to suppress dissent and other nefarious conduct.

    “Any society that is willing to trade a little freedom for a little security, deserves neither and will lose both”. Ah never mind this over used quote. It has been obsolete for a while now. Hasn’t it?
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    How's your truck bomb plot going there buddy? Sorry, I assume you have shaken the spooks who hacked your three devices by now!

    Politics needs to be renamed the rubber room.
  4. Thanks for reminding me. Some of my devices are Apple based and there is a new security update out now that addresses vulnerabilities related to hacking.

    Yes, I have the wherewithal to go dark, but what is the point of trying to find bailers behind the scenes when the ship has already sunk?

    Consider my postings to be for nostalgic reasons and for entertainment purposes.

    But hey, at least the US, Conservatives, and the forefathers have finally received their comeuppance!
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    I'd advise researching your grandparents as much as possible to find out if this is an inherited condition or you were just dropped ;). It tends to skip a generation, epigenetics they say.

    Find happiness with a girl who does not speak English young man.
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    And we have this TikTok trend causing issues locally... I hope these students like rarely allowed being to use the restrooms now.

    Bathroom time limited after 'disturbing' TikTok trend leads to vandalism, pipe damage at Wakefield Middle
    September 15, 2021

    School officials at Wakefield Middle School are planning to limit students' bathroom time after a "disturbing" TikTok trend led students to vandalize bathrooms.

    Media outlets across the country report that schools are having to deal with bathroom vandalism, which school officials say most students are doing for social media clout.

    Students are breaking toilets, pulling sinks off walls, removing soap dispensers from the walls and breaking water vents and pipes.

    As a result of the vandalism, bathrooms will have to be closed between classes. Students will have to personally request when they can use the bathroom, according to Wakefield Middle School Principal Alison Cleveland. Cleveland sent a letter to parents explaining the problem.

    Teachers will also create a schedule where entire classes will all go to the bathroom at the same time while staff supervises them.

    "Because these breaks will likely disrupt and decrease instructional time, students may be assigned additional homework that evening in order to keep on pace with the curriculum," she said.

    The challenge encourages the students to vandalize and steal from the school.

    "It's not good for the school, it's not safe," said Candice Arrick, who has two children attending the school. "I'm really glad with how the school is handling it. I'm in full support of the school with their asking parents to talk to their kids about it."

    Cleveland said she hopes the bathroom trend will "ease quickly." The bathroom restrictions will lift once "the students demonstrate that we can trust them to use the bathrooms appropriately," she said.

    Multiple Tennessee students were charged for damaging public property and trashing the bathrooms on Monday, local media outlets report.

  7. Like with all the shit going on in schools...... staff now has to deal with fucktards stealing shit just to post on tiktok....

    Principal Cleveland said it best.. "once the students demonstrate we can trust them...."
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    Kids do stupid stuff...... because they’re???

    In high-school I remember “relocating” several street barricades with flashing amber lights and placing them in front of a friends house, effectively blocking her parents house, driveway and part of the block.

    There was always the traditional TP’ing a house.

    Today they eat Tide pods :banghead:

    Hell, let’s give em’ the vote.
  9. You are my favorite poster on ET for your sometimes thought provoking posts, your humor, and your strong character. Further, I have great respect for you, as you have successfully raised a PhD daughter which you helped with her statistics.

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    The irony is, IQ only means potential, whereas intelligence means accomplishment. At least how I see it. As far as intelligence is concerned, you are most impressive, my friend. As far as your character is concerned, please be nice, including with those who don’t share your opinion.

    Now tell us, if I were standing in front of you right now, what would you honestly feel like doing?
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    I'd tell you, no, I'm really serious about you finding a girl who does not speak English. :)
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