Paul Tudor Jones is having a bad year

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  1. It's been a frustrating year for Paul Tudor Jones, who founded the Greenwich, Connecticut-based firm in 1980. His biggest fund, BVI, gained about 5.5 percent through November, about half the industry average. Jones considered reducing BVI's $10 billion in assets to help improve performance, according to an Oct. 25 client letter obtained by Bloomberg.
  2. le140


    Because he can't daytrade.

  3. Is he averaging losers?
  4. Or playing macho man again with the market?
  5. You guys are idiots.

    PTJ doesn't even manage money anymore. He manages money managers. For example, the BVI Fund has 55 portfolio managers.
  6. 55?.......the more the merrier!
  7. There was something I noticed between the 8/15 13F filing for Tudor and the November filing. The assets listed had fallen by $10 billion... could be a typo.

    Any ideas?
  8. Paul still trades
  9. Tudor BVI ~$10b
    Raptor ~$8b