Paulson Has done a Bang up job!!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by Bogan7, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. Instilling confidence in the Financials

    C under 5 bucks

    GS under 60

    BAC 12

    Other stella appointee
  2. Brabed


    Yes, I can hear W saying:

    "You're doing a heck of a job here, Paulie"
  3. If you were on the receiving end of bailout money, he IS doin' a heck of a job.
  4. lassic


    mission accomplished
  5. Yet another Bush appointee "flunkie".

    The 3-month Tbill rate at 0.015% tells you that Paulson and his TARP has been a complete failure.
  6. And most don't even realize it. Time will tell how much of a moron Paulson is. But then again, look who the President is.
  7. ipatent


    He is in a tough spot. I'll reserve judgment on him for now.
  8. Mecro



    So few realize that he is doing exactly as planned.
  9. I wont....he is a globalist directed evil doer!!!!!!!!!!!!
    #10     Nov 20, 2008