Pay for profit - emini learning rooms?

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  1. Anybody know of any "pay for profit" emini learning daytrading chat rooms?

    $300/month.....but you get a 1 week trial first.

    good trading
  3. Sorry you misunderstood my question. I will rephrase it for you. Does anybody know of any FREE chat rooms that use the "pay for profit" system and not the monthly pay system. Thank you. :)
  4. I normally don't plug any one company or especially daytrading rooms. But the above room is a good one for E-mini daytrading the S&P 500. They give a free one week trial and during the trial the guy treats everybody the same weather you are a paid subscriber or not. He answers all questions for subscribers and trial subscribers so a new trader can fully understand. His strategy is simple to understand and follow along. And he also has live streaming charts set up so you can see what he is talking about in the room. I'd try the free trial for a week and then join after if you like it.
  5. ================
    With 80 or 90% losing in derivatives , NO , & would be suprised if you ever see it:cool:

    Wisdom is profitable to direct;
    you can pay for profit or get it free At library, the closest thing to what you are talking about would be 3 top trader books by Jack Schwager[free if you have a library card]

    And How to Make money in Stocks. by William O Neill;
    since cash markets like DIA,SPY pretty much line up woth YM, ES:cool:
  6. I think you meant FREE Signal Calling room and not FREE chat room.

    There's a huge difference between the two types of room.

    Chat rooms have moderators and anyone can discuss the markets and anyone can post trades.

    Signal calling rooms usually have 1-2 head traders that give out specific instructions on when to buy and when to sell.

    I've never heard of a "pay for profit" Signal Calling room.

    Seems to difficult to manage and maybe that's why they don't exist.

  7. I think it would be too difficult on the admin side to do this. I understand the question, but too much work behind the scenes, if at all possible. With the CFTC rules/reg's not sure you could even do that.
  8. zoo


    The CFTC does not regulate private chat rooms. What are you talking about anyways?
  9. zoo - when you charge someone a fee based on whether or not you are profitable, that very easily could fall under the CFTC umbrealla. That was my point.

    In addition, trying to bill like this and manage the admin (behind the scenes) could be rather difficult.
  10. Oh yeah - the CFTC is looking at these much closer now. Your statement is flat out wrong. There may not be 'official' statements right now, but they are looking at them.
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