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  1. What can be done if pending order triggered late. I mean how you take this particular case with your broker.
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    What's "late"? Slippage? Isn't pending order supposed to be triggered later after you send it?
  3. That could be due to slippage, either find a better broker or choose a less volatile pair/stock/index/commodity
  4. Some forex brokers are very slow when it comes to order execution. The platform could be sluggish and this will result to a huge slippage. You can't win such cases with your broker. I am using Profiforex MT4 platform, and this platform is damn fast with rare cases of slippage.
  5. Slow platforms can be used for modern day arbitrage trading. Have a couple of friends who are into that.
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    I think that in such situation always useful to get in touch with your broker and ask about this directly. In this situation I believe you will be able to get the best answer.
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    sometimes happens with me on hotforex. it is okay you set order on bid price while it can be executed by ask. or there may be spread widening. but if it becomes to happen too frequently you should definitely bring it to attention of broker support
  8. Its because markets volatility, like when NFP announced.
    It is a normal practices when using ECN brokers.
    I trade with Tickmill, and i wont pending order when a news announcing., not because they wont fill my order. but because market is too much volatile, i afraid my order filled in their best price. its hurt when your pending order trigered, and market suddenly against your positions
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    your orders are held in fx dark pool.

    More than 90% of small trades lose! They just lose!!
  10. maybe you are right
    because the house edge of forex traders, with spreads, lot limitation and , leverage, commision , make the chance of winning trades are far from 50%-50%
    maybe its 49% for traders
    however there are some of trading strategy to defeat the odds
    for example , Carry trade strategy, martingale, etc
    the problem is martingale , if you deposit $1000 in a broker with standart lot like tickmill, or hotforex for example, it is a high risk strategy
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