penny stock traps and how to trade penny stocks?

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  1. mute9003


    i wanted to read some on penny stocks and the traps and manipulations in them
    basically how to trade them
    i like trading penny stocks its always exciting.( except when i lose money)
    but people obviously trade them successfully even though not many but i want to learn how to trade penny stocks specifically i like the action and the volatility

    but i could not find a single page that goes into detail about anything on trading penny stocks

    i know tim sykes and warrior trading but they are very vague about details as well
    i already know the basics just wanted to get more in depth info
  2. deaddog


    Ever think of usung Google? Try "best books on trading penny stocks"
  3. Peter8519


    Every stock has "invisible hand or hands" to move it. It's all about luck. Especially for penny, lucky are those who are on the side of the invisible hands.
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  4. maxinger


    manipulated stocks are excellent for trading.
    manipulators like penny stocks as manipulators must have a few million dollars
    and not a few billion dollars to 'configure' the chart to what they want.
    'abnormally high volume' screener might help detect such stocks.

    manipulators create trading opportunities (indirectly).
    So be thankful to them.

    make sure you are just a few steps behind the manipulators.
    These are the traders who are grateful to the manipulators.

    if you are many miles from them / too slow / too greedy, you are dead.
    These are the investors who normally sue the manipulators.

    trap? the most dangerous trap is the max trap.
    watch out for that.

    some manipulated stocks are Blumont ....
    there are quite a few manipulators who are behind bars.
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  6. themickey


    Imagine if you are broke and trying to start a business.
    It's difficult, time consuming and very few winners, maybe 5%.
    That's penny stocks.
    Traders trading penny stock have to be very quick and lucky.
    The last couple of years I've traded scores of penny's and only one has been any good.
    Oh, wait there was once a stock I made 100% on (several thousand dollars) in less than an hour, again, pure luck.
  7. Peter8519


    Just look the legendary RENAISSANCE TECHNOLOGIES LLC(CIK 0001037389) and see how many penny stock that have in their Q2 2022 holdings. Assuming <$5 as penny.
    Stock < $1 = 366
    Stock >= $1 and <$5 = 761
    Total stock about 4000
    So, about 28% are penny stocks.
    For sure, some of the 1127 penny stocks will go to the moon. As retail investor, we can't have 4000 stocks in our portfolio let alone 1127 pennies. The breakout strategy is one way. Then again, there are so many false breakout. Who create those false breakout?????
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    Pump n dumpers
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  9. TrAndy2022


    The only strategy I know for penny stocks is going short those reverse split stocks.
  10. If you want and plan to be a real, legit, serious, long term player in this trading game....don't dabble in penny stocks. That arena are for the dime-a-dozen, common, short-sighted, narrow-minded amateurs and twits all across social media.
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