Pfizer Says Covid-19 Pill Is 89% Effective in Preliminary Assessmen

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    Drug company plans to seek FDA authorization of treatment for patients with a mild to moderate form of the illness

    The company’s drug cut the risk of hospitalization or death in study subjects with mild to moderate Covid-19 by about 89% if they took the pill within three days of diagnosis, Pfizer said Friday. The drug, called Paxlovid, was also found to be generally safe and well-tolerated in the early look at ongoing study results, the company said.
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    Not surprised but glad to see it is doing progress
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    Just great I bought VXRT calls expiring today.
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    "Not really ... it was a small, non-reviewed clinical phase I trial (which means fuck-all) including high risk patients only. Its effectiveness has only been reported in combination with an HIV antiviral Ritonavir which is an expensive, brand name only drug that is administered via infusion, only. Nothing has been reported as to its effectiveness by itself, it seems to only boost the effectiveness of ritonavir. Nothing has been reported of the safety/toxicology other than "no one died".

    Merck's malnupiravir has been shown to be effective alone, a pill taken thrice daily for 5 days, and shown to be safe as it's already marketed in the UK. It will be available in the US by the end of this month/early December"
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