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  1. Here's my situation: A few days ago I saw a thread on ET, which I believe was titled "Physical Gold" and started by praetorian2 asking how he could buy cold coins. Now I can't seem to find this thread anymore. Does anyone have any ideas? Which one of these scenarios seems most likely to you? (Maybe I should start a poll.)

    1. I am losing it. There never was such a thread.

    2. I am losing it. The thread is clearly visible to everyone except myself.

    3. A technical error on an ET server has caused the thread to be unavailable or not turn up in various searches.

    4. Baron removed the thread because it contained a link that the respective company did not want to pay for.

    5. The government is tapping my internet connection and feeding me bogus information. What I perceive as the internet is really nothing but a phantasy.

    6. Same as 5. only it's not the government but the Joe Schmo Show's second season.
  2. I liked that thread too, and was slightly irritated when it was vaporized. I think the mods were irked that the discussion warped into talk of doomsday scenarios instead of the actual commodity we were supposed to discuss.
  3. which of course never happens to any other ET thread. Why didn't they just close it instead of deleting it?
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    Hear hear!
  5. So anyhoo, maybe those ET members who contibuted the valuable information on the old thread could do so again, just so that ET does not deteriorate from a near objective forum sponsored by advertisers to an advertising site disguised as a forum. In particular, a list of coin dealers with whom some of us have had first had experience would certainly be useful. I have not had any experience buying coins online, all I know is that has been up and running in a more or less constant fashion at least since 2000, but I only view their site, I have never transacted with them.

    Also, we could exchange experiences and thoughts regarding services like, etc.

    Again, I do not have any first-hand experience with any of those, but I am sure some of you do. The one thing I wonder about e-gold is, since they are a Nevis corporation, what happens if the government of Nevis seizes all their assets? It's not even that I am saying the current government would, but we all know there are several armies and several ruthless dictators in the world who might just feel the need to replenish their own e-gold accounts by invading a country most people have never heard of.
  6. Yes I'd like an explanation for that too. If Baron does not give one I will have to assume that it was government censorship trying to keep people from panicking. This assumption will be confirmed upon harrytrader's sudden disappearance from this board. :eek:

    jk harry :)
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    I have used e-gold and e-bullion.

    I have had no problem with their service and have in fact made money from my account simply because of the rise in the gold price. Their security is very good. So many people are trying to hack them that they have found all the loopholes.

    At the moment there isn't much you can do with them because not many people have accounts. The main use seems to be 'high yield investment programs' which are basically ponzi schemes. Quite possibly they are being used to launder money too. Its relatively expensive and difficult to get hold of the gold. The cheapest and most reliable service in my experience has been paybygold

    The concept is very interesting and there are a number of things you can do with them that one can't with existing currencies eg micro payments.

    I think eventually they will take off perhaps even supplanting existing currencies such as the $. Radical new ideas often take a while to get off the ground.
  8. yes, this is a good question.
  9. need online gold/silver retail recomdations again. searching for the original thread led me here.

    anybody use - looking to pick up some silver bars for christmas gifts
  10. I too am interested in picking up a little physical gold. I particularly like the Credit Suisse Ingotcard format with a 1 oz wafer in a sealed plastic pack. Each has a serial number for positive ID and the plastic keeps the metal from being scratched and lowering resale value.

    I am looking at these guys:

    Anybody deal with them?

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