Please bet on the next crypto exchange to become insolvent

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  1. Opportunities for the next scam are piling up for crypto lords.

    Please reply with your choice of name. You will be rewarded with fake internet points and traders' glory.
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    Awww, how cute, someone needs attention right now....
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    any $ on the line?
  6. Kraken's doing positive things. Such as helping to dilute dangerous stable coins like Tether so the fall-out won't be so bad when that ticking timebomb goes off.
  7. Better than that, recognition and fake internet points (a.k.a. likes)
  8. You are making that up. They support tether like any other exchange.

    It makes sense, Tether is the main reason why these coins surge in price. Without Tether nobody could create USDs out of thin air. (FED boys laughing in the distance)
  9. You obviously missed the Kraken news regarding PayPal's stablecoin. Every move Kraken does to give options to users for using something less dangerous is a big plus.

    No one is making this up.
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