Please recommend an APC UPS battery

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  1. what to look for when buying a UPS ? which one is best value in the APC range considering it's for a P4 with 2 monitors, and also a dsl modem .
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    First thing you need to know is what your operating load is. That is the draw of your system once it is up and running.

    Then you need to determine whether you want to keep trading or just do an orderly exit. You also might want to consider a reduced capacity approach , that is shut down one monitor to extend the time you can stay up.

    This link will probably help you:

    You should determine run time with an LCD\monitor display selected and then with None selected. Then make a guess as to what running two LCDs\monitors will do to the run time.

  3. I reccently bought an Ultra 2000VA UPS at CompUSA. I think it was $200. I have my Dell Workstation, 3 monitors, modem and router all attached. I can run 1 hour+ without power.
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  5. I bought a APC product 2 years ago - it didn't work out of the box.

    I went and bought the next higher up model - garbage.. I tested it to see how it would handle a power outage... garbage again. - Read: It did not work at all, not during minor outages, and not during a test like pulling the plug out of the wall... but when the power did go out it made a hiduous shreiking sound, and also did not work at all...

    Originally they had said that the battery may be toast, so I purchased that higher end model with more juice... still didnt work.

    Their tech support was garbage, but they still love to send me product catalogues 4 times a year even after I wrote a lengthy, unreturned email about their shitty service.

    I was lucky enough to come across a BELKIN 550 VA that powers a desktop and 2 19" samsung monitors - its a great product, and it was reasonably priced (under $120.00 at Staples here in Canada) I highly recommend it for a small single pc setup...
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    Interesting. I bought 4 APC units in early 2005. One 650 VA and three 300 VA. All are still working fine. There is no country of manufacture marked on them so I assume made in USA. I wonder if they changed manufacturing facilities. I also have a rather small capacity unit in the basement running my DSL modem. It was made in India, but it is only a year old.

  7. I got a cheapo APC unit a few years ago and even though I only used it on weekends, the battery failed after a year. On the other hand, an APC tower model (with fans) that I got for work has been in continuous use since 1997 and has never failed.
  8. Can anyone tell me what the difference is between a 650 VA , 400 W model and say a 500 VA ?
    I am looking at two APC models, one is from the CS line ("best value ") 650 VA, 400 W
    the other is the APC BR500I , this is the RS line ("high performance") 500 VA , 300 W . I used to know these things but it's been such a long time since I bought a UPS...
    I don't understand the specs either ; 44 min "runtime" @110 watts for the 650 VA model , only 12 minutes at half load for the 500 VA model. 44 minutes seems unreal, or is it because it's for 110 watts, in which case a computer will run a lot less longer?
    I am going with APC, I can't find anything else locally, I had another make and it failed too after 2-3 years anyway.
  9. did you test that 1997 unit? i'll bet the battery failed and has to be replaced. the lead acid batteries in those things only last 3-5 years even if you never suffer a power outage. if you suffer any, then they last much less
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    The RS has "... automatic voltage regulation (AVR). AVR instantly adjusts both low and high voltages to safe levels, so you can work indefinitely during brownouts, saving the battery for power outages when you need it most."
    The CS does not have AVR and will probably switch to battery more often. -Your PC should never see the switch. I think they both offer almost the same battery only run-time if you use the same VA unit - 500VA. Both seem to use the same battery charging system.

    The CS model mechanical design is easier to work with, but it is a plastic case. I have a small CS model in my basement for the ADSL modem. It will run the modem for hours as the modem draws a few watts. I'd go for the RS model for the computer unit.
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