Poll: Do Chit Chat, Politics/Religion, and the like belong on ET?

Discussion in 'Religion and Spirituality' started by alanm, Aug 22, 2006.

Do Chit Chat, Politics/Religion, and the like belong on ET?

  1. Heck Yes! I need to understand how my fellow traders think

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  2. Heck No! There are plenty of other places for this stuff

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  3. I don't care.

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  1. alanm


    Do you want Chit Chat, Politics/Religion, and similar forums on ET?
  2. just one big fat Chit Chat bin's enough methinks... no breakdown needed... there's nothing for traders there anyway
  3. I personally like the chit chat forum now. I enjoy visiting it and reading it now.

    I never go into Politics and Religion and visit chit chat more often now.

    Michael B.
  4. well, sure... no reason to limit the scope if the objective is to morph into a much bigger eliteposter.com type eyeball machine / portal... makes me think, cld we have a Fashion & Design section perhaps... so i cld exchange posts with my wife :p :p :p ... and a Weather & Other Forecasts section...

    ah, Baron, the ransom of success innit! ;-) well done sir, more power to u!
  5. I don't see how it hurts.

    Also, the boys at ET want to keep us here as long as we can so we can be spoon fed more advertisements of course.

    I say lets add a music forum, a video game forum, a sports forum, an art forum... lets do it all

  6. Theres no reason it should appear on the home page, but its worthwhile for some.:D
  7. Imagine chit chat in the various operational trading threads. Not a pretty picture.

    Consider "Chit Chat" and "Politics and Religion", a place for those of you who wish to channel your energy there.

    Michael B.
  8. dont worry about me... am just jealous cause i can't have my ECN section :mad: , nor a 'subscribe to buddy' option... nor the cute blonde next door :mad: :mad: :mad: life sucks man!
  9. alanm


    I would buy that argument if there were such a thing as a single-site browser, which disallowed people from going to (the thousands of) other sites for their chitchat needs. AFAIK, nobody has a browser that is restricted in this way.

    I would also buy it if we were dealing with raising 5-year-olds, and needed to give them something to divert their energy while the adults talk. That's not supposed to be the case either.

    But is this not supposed to be Elite Trader?

    My hypothesis is that, with just professional trading-related forums here, people would be less inclined to carry over some of the offensive behavior that is more acceptable in those other community forums, and the value of ET to its other members would increase.
  10. Freedom of speech !

    seriously i don't understand why thinking to remove it. You can be the best trader in the all world and still be a funny guy ! ( and want to spend sometime in chit chat ! )

    Fun and professionalism aren't incompatible...

    And more personally i m still a young men ( hehehe ) and i like to read sometime ( week-end, especially ) what the old cold men have to say about everything !

    Have Fun ! and respect the others !
    #10     Aug 23, 2006