Possible low float strat never seen anyone trade before

Discussion in 'Trading' started by excrypto, Nov 28, 2021.

  1. excrypto


    I know most of the big youtuber strats. But on a typical shit stock that dilutes every few years and then is in the 'cellar' before running out of cash and having to raise what about a swing strat where you buy the stock when its dead stuck in its range and you check every day if they registered a shelf or atm and where cash reserves are at and see if todays the day it does the typical '80% and up' pump and dump on retail on a fake news cat. You could in theory have a really tight stop under the range and a massive upside position and upside potential when the thing rips.

    Any one ever thought of it this way? Someone point out the giant flaw im not seeing other than "its a shit stock and might never pump again and die" which okay yea it might. I mean no system is perfect. But you'd get to be the Jeffries and HC Wainwright as well.

    Allright let er buck. And if you start making serious money off this in future you owe me a lambo. And you're welcome.
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  2. thecoder


    My last such shit stock was CYTO. It constantly went south. I think it's a fraud stock.
  3. qlai


    If you bought the stock, why do you need to check? Wouldn’t you just wait until it is pumped for whatever reason?
  4. Fain


    Need to talk repeatedly to management and you'll get a sense for when marketing will ramp up.
  5. excrypto


    obviously but sometimes the pump is PM and then at cash open it dies. Sooooo youd have to know every morning if your stock pamped or did not pamp. Comprendo?