POV on how to learn to trade Price Action

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    The idea of flow and trading has been covered elsewhere at various times.
    ...and may apply to more than Price Action.

    About 2 1/2 min in it talks about "how to" be in flow:
    Stay in the present. Don't let prior wins/loss affect the now.
    Achieve this thru setting "mastery oriented goals" that you recite at times during performance.
    A key characteristic of flow is immediate feedback when you complete the activity (keep a trading journal).
    Be an active learner... figure out what you do well and why. Figure out what you could be doing better and how.
    This will help you develop future goals and targets, necessary to achieve your desired outcome.
    Be a better practitioner of your skills, not a goal chaser. (This is so true for a trader).
    Ask "am I achieving my pre-set mastery oriented goals or not"? "What can I do to achieve them"? Answer these questions quickly to stay in the present.

    Challenge yourself. If the task is to easy, it becomes tedious. If the task is to difficult, you may become anxious if you can meet the demands.
    Set goals that match your skill level, but also challenge you.
    When you achieve these goals, set more challenging goals so as to keep you in the flow.
    While many of these ideas can be applied to traders and trading,
    I wonder how many of us are actually aware of our skill level? Especially while in the early stages of learning to trade. And have goals that match our skill levels... interesting idea.
    And then as a more experienced trader, adjusting goals that match your skills...