Praise For OANDA

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by Saham, Apr 8, 2004.

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  1. Saham


    So I am scalp trading EUR/USD just now...

    Market is turbulent, making high and low spikes, I am trying to take advantage of the moves by shorting... I am opening and closing trades as quickly as the price moves...

    Apparently I clicked the BUY button to execute the trade...

    Normally this would have executed the trade within a second.

    Only, I would have LOST money by making the trade due to having an already SHORT position open.

    To my shock, OANDA somehow knew this trade would be bad for me and instantly popped open a box that explained: "If you place this trade it will result in a loss! Are you sure you want to do this?"

    WOW! I am impressed! Never on ANY trading platform has a platform been so intuitive and user friendly. High praise for OANDA!

  2. ramora


    Hi Sam,

    Markets all over the place this evening.

    I have Oanda up and have been comparing their price against Tradestation EURUSD and also the Globex EC contract. The worst prices seem to be Oanda. For their promised 2 pip spread it looks like they take another point or 2 on any rapid market movement. It looks like Oanda has a software program that leads the market in any change. The only time Oanda and the Tradestation prices sync up is when the market completely stops for 30 seconds or so. If you are a scalper, you are trading against the interbank market and the software at Oanda.

    At one time this evening I entered a long when the prices were moving and was filled 4 pips away from prices showing on the Tradestation EUR and in the relative position on the EC contract. Once again, not good for scalpers.

    I like the Oanda user interface however...

    Just my observations. Praise away but watch your wallet...

    Good luck
  3. Your next investment should be a new pair of sunglasses :) What if you were managing a fund of several dozen millions :D

  4. Saham


    Well, if I was... I could open and close up to 10,000,000 units per trade on the fly instant excutions with OANDA.

    If the interbank market doesn't like it, that's just tough shit. They better find another job.

    Unless OANDA literally prevents me from doing that, all my trades would be closed in profit the way they are now, just magnified.

    I don't give a flying **** who I trade against.

    If OANDA had a problem with me closing 20 or 30 trades per session scalping 2 to over 50 points per trade, then... I would probably try to work out a deal with them, or just trade less amount of units.

    Nothing else would change, because I would still trade Kabir.

    So, come on, Harry, fork over some money so we can both make some :D

    Sam :cool:
  5. Saham


    ramora: Let me give you an example trade...

    Just a bit ago, on a 5 minute chart, OANDA's price (EUR/USD) SPIKED suddenly to 1.2210.

    I snapped a short order in right on the spike as it was spiking, my price read 1.2208 when I clicked the short execution. faster than I could blink the trade got executed at 1.2210 - HIGHER than where it read on the pair price.

    If there was slippage of a pip or two it was in my favor.

    Everyone who trades OANDA knows about slippage INTO their favor. It happens to me all the time.

    Really, I don't know why you bitch about OANDA's slippage. If you did enough trading you would see that slippage either does not occur, or happens both ways.

    Also, if your system is so disfunctional that occasional slippage hurts your bottom line, time to find another job.

  6. Yawn:
    Its really too bad you haven't learned anything from you last experience. Based on what I hear, I think you are a con artist. This reference from Moneytec should help others to put your ridiculous rants in proper context:

    MoneyTec FX Forums™ - Gamal Ruach Banned?
    ... Yet MoneyTec banned Gamal and pulled his post! As a trader I want to know
    of a system that earns well over 40,000% profit in only two weeks! ... _s-1032f28cd07b909cad78a59c2ffa9cc7

    Please don't change a thing. Sooner or later I am sure you will be banned here as well. Good luck with your fantasy FX trades. Steve46
  7. Saham


    *busts up laughing*

    Actually it was over 45,000% in two weeks, but... what's a mere 5,000% - it's all legend now.

    No one ever figured out how I did anyway. Although most the losers attacked me incessantly because of the feat. As losers always attack success. You know how it is.

    Good luck with your trading. And thanks for cyberstalking me. Apparently you didn't dig deep enough. If you had you you would have seen that the results were confirmed by one of the best and most well respected forex traders in the industry. Now gone private.

    If you find anymore exciting tidbits about me on the Internet, pls do clutter up the forums some more with them - I am sure everyone really wants to hear about what a "con artist" I am.

    By the way, I've already been "banned" off ET 4 times. I'm sure that fact will inspire you to go running to cry and whine to Baron about me.

    Take care, whoever you are.

  8. Blah blah blah. Another fantasy. Your trades are non-existent and the only reference I can find for a "Kabir" is a moslem camel thief who was beheaded in the 12th century. Thanks for the continuing entertainment Mr. Gamel, or Mr. Weston, or Saham.

    "Ladies and gentlemen: I would like to announce that I am trading the "camels ass" system as taught by a schizophrenic New York taxi driver named Gamelruach. This system is guaranteed to make 45,000% in just 2 days. None of the trades are real, however you will feel like a million dollars shortly."
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