Prepaid credit cards.

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  1. :D Vipers and Vetts are overpriced too. But performance-wise, I'd rather pick some overpriced Italian slug. Can't afford the Lamborgini yet, so have to settle for German-made in the mean time. Did have an Alfa Romeo for a few years. The firebird pales in comparison performance-wise (maybe not in the looks department though.)
    ...different strokes for different folks I guess :D
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  2. yes, once the cards are issued by visa, mc and amex they may be huge among the poor and uninformed. unfortunately, the card shown on the cnbc ad, for the prepaid business opp, was not issued by the aforementioned issuers.

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  3. I agree they will be issued. Along with smart cards currently more popular in Europe than the US. The reason they will be is b/c there will be demand. The people behind that demand will be the least financially educated segment though. Those who don't get the time value of money.
    PS you never answered my rent question.
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  4. mercedes amg or brabus modified german cars are my favorite slugs.

    i owned an alfa romeo quadrifoglia spyder--that was a COOL car !



    :D :D
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  5. just kidding. i dont like any cars. i dont like sitting on the ground. i like sitting up high like in a truck. the new trucks are every bit as fancy as luxury cars now days. i also have a caddie but it mostly sits because i prefer driving the truck.
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  6. Like what? I assume you meant the perils of managing debt some people can't handle. That's what debit cards are for. And if you have one from a credit union that draws upon the savings account, at least you earn some (albeit pathetic) interest on the $ while you don't use it.
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  7. See, my different strokes comment was very applicable. I'm the EXACT opposite way. I like to be as close to the asphalt as possible. Even the firebird has too much ground clearance for me :D I was thinking of getting a Vett instead precisely b/c it's closer to the ground. I don't like the cornering qualities of cars that are high above the ground - b/c I don't like to slow down when I turn :D.
    Edit: I do agree with you on the luxury part. That's not what I meant at all. I just prefer the high RPM engines and the US vehicles don't seem to feature those. Particularly not trucks. You can almost hear the pistons going up and down :D. Same reason why I'm never buying a chopper but do have a sportsbike.
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  8. That still doesn't preclude the business doing well in the beginning and as gift cards to small businesses and consumers.

    Also, internet purchase, as I mentioned will benefit from such a card as this in lieu of pay-pal.

    Shift4 is a leader in the real time e-payment business, and speaking with a rep from their company while setting up a gift card solution for a client, he explained to me their projections for growth in the pre-paid card business....they see tremendous growth in this area. (

    Like pre-paid phone cards, this business has enormous potential, as the initial story indicated.

    I reassert that you were wrong in your comments in chat about pre-paid cards, or a business that offers them to consumers/business is not one with growth and profit potential.

    Sure Visa, Master-Card, etc. will climb on board, but have you seen Visa/Master-Card/Amex come out with anything that has put Pay/Pal out of business?

    How do you think people will pay for these pre-paid cards anyway? With cash? Or with their credit cards?
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  9. Please restate your rent question, I missed that one.
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