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How prepared?

  1. I own/partner in an isolated property/farm that is self sustaining in case of emergencies.

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  2. I have a 2nd home in a rural area to retreat to that is well provisioned.

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  3. I have always been a prepper with months of food in my existing house.

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  4. I recognized this virus threat early and now have supplies for a few months.

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  5. I have done minimal prep for this virus, what's the big deal?

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  6. There is something wrong with you if you are prepping.

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  1. Hooti


    My Nephew just called and said that he has ~6 months of food stored in his pantry and doesn't plan to go out again for food. His says his mother is part of the religious right and says storing food shows a lack of faith in Jesus and Trump.
  2. Noone123


    His mother will run out of toilet paper. When she does, she can pray to the Lord or Trump for a roll, or use leaves. Lol.

    God help those help themselves.
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  3. wartrace


    Rural property with over a year's supply of food and plenty of land to hunt. I have a garden for fresh foods this summer/fall. I am NOT prepared if the power goes out other than having a coleman stove and plenty of fuel. I had been intending to get a solar pump for my well but never got around to it.
  4. themickey


    There's no such thing as a solar pump.
    It will have a DC motor and you just need solar panels to create that voltage & current required,
    Go to a marine shop and buy this one.
    They run a treat, high flow and will handle voltage surges.
    In the past I bought some pumps out from China, brushless, they crapped out very quickly, I must have burnt out about 9 off chinese shit quality pumps, some only lasted a few minutes.
  5. Hooti


    Another reason for this poll came from watching Kitco news. Cambone asked several of the people she interviewed what they did to prepare. It was interesting to see how many had seriously prepped for this long ago. Jim Rickards was the first interveiw I noticed with this... he has a non-commercial farm for his family that is a "virus free zone". Produces all their food for as long as they need it and is off the grid.

    Of course David Geffen is reported to be staying on his 400 Million $ super yacht. A whole different level of distancing!
  6. wartrace


    I was referring to a DC pump with panels which are readily available. My well is around 150ft deep so the bilge pump idea wouldn't work. Maybe I should have wrote that I wanted a DC well pump?
  7. Pekelo


    There is no point in prepping if you can't stay healthy. Instead of a DC pump you guys may want to order some vitamins and such.
  8. wartrace


    Already have what I need; I just mentioned the pump because I am not 100% prepared.
  9. themickey


    Ya, the phrase 'solar pump' is a marketing ploy to make it sound a bit specialized and complicated.
    I run a solar pumping system at home for some aquaculture, all it is, 12v submersible bilge pump, wires, solar panel which you can buy at autoparts warehouse, Dry cell rechargeable 12v battery from electronics warehouse. The battery does 3 jobs, voltage regulator, surge protector, voltage storage (when a cloud comes it keeps pumping).
    Yeah, 150' deep well would require a bore pump, not cheap.
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  10. easymon1