Prestigious Credit Card for Top Traders

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  1. RedSun


    I do not see this discussed much. What are the credit cards that traders desire to have? The exclusive type, not the AmEx Platinum card that offers a lot of junk benefits with a high annual fee. I can think about the following:

    AmEx Centurion card. AF is probably too high.
    JP Morgan Reserve
    Citi Chairman's Card

    Those cards are by invitations only and require $MM in assets with the firms. I do not know if there are other cards other than those. I do not consider cards issued by foreign banks.
  2. Overnight


    I would think that top traders pay for everything in cash.
  3. newwurldmn


    I think the platinum is worth it.

    upgrades and late checkout at fine hotels.
    access to various lounges at many airports.

    i qualify for an Amex centurion (at least according to the unofficial criteria) but they still haven’t invited me.
  4. Overnight


    Mreh, I'd rather have that Burger King Gold Crown card or whatever it is called.
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  5. RedSun


    AmEx Plat card is too common. Nothing exclusive. Loaded with junk or worthless benefits.