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  1. Hi, I would like to ask you more details about "Ontario based" prop firm. Did you have any issue with some of them? Is it a red flag only if they keep out Ontario residents from trading? Or also if they are based in Ontario? I would like to join one of them (based in Toronto), but I'm afraid to loose my risk deposit. Thanks
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  2. That ontario based thing is specific to DTTW only because of their history as Swift (they just rebranded themselves). I am sure you know that saga
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  3. DTTW (Day Trade The World) is former Swift Trade. They run a free trading show every day on their Youtube channel called TraderTV Live: They also run a Youtube channel called Market Wisdom where they post educational videos:

    If you want to read more about the history of Swift Trade google 'Peter Beck swift' or similar. There are multiple articles out there as well as ET threads about this.
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    and they still are legit ! not allowing your own country client traders to trade sounds fishy!
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    DTTW deny that they are re branded swift
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  7. Trading only 1 security goes against any kind of risk management. There's no interpretable pattern or rule for that to ever work.
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    Better be a pro with one future or stock than continuously trying to diversify IMO.
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    Then why not trade an index? This way you are trading them all at once!

    I win! Wheeeee!
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