gone ! Any alternative ?

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  1. Well it was too good to be true. had the best java charts , the site stayed the same since 2000, an awesome place to check the market from anywhere in the world.

    Investooled took it off, to launch a paying version along with other sh*t.

    I ran a search for java charts, ( I know there is whicch is great but you don't get free historical charts) and came across You need to download Silverlight.exe, not sure I want to do that. How good are their charts ?

    Any other websites with great customizable javacharts with historical data going back to 1900 ?
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    Just sign up with either Thinkorswim or Ameritrade, which have since acquired Thinkorswim, and you can access the ProphetChart for free.

  3. I have no idea how to do continuous charts like the one above for the CL contract in prophetnet charts in thinkorswim, how would you do it for the ES and CL? (i.e. whats the symbol)

    you only have to put in /es or /cl in the thinkorswim charts but I was never able to figure it out for the prophetnet charts.
  4. prorealtime dot com

    java charts, free eod.
  5. also how the hell do you do the /dx (dollar futures) in prophetnet charts on the thinkorswim platform??
  6. thanks schizo, I guess it's time to open an Ameritard account !
    btw your screenshot , is this Think or swim platform or AMTD ?
    I want the continuous futures charts too. That's some charts !
    Awesome !

    I also use Prorealtime , they used to be great for Euro markets, but they totally ruined the platform, it's a huge memory hog,
    I can't even run it anymore, the full version that is that 's with 2 Gig on XP. I hate them.
  7. nevermind got it....
  8. try
  9. i just added 1600 to the end correct? Why is it that you can only view daily charts continuos but not 60 min charts?
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    Bad news.
    Have used Prophet for 9 years,first prophet .com, then
    How can i get futures continuous contract symbols in thinkorswim?
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