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  1. Im soon to open a forex account I have been in contact with a couple of firms what are the company i should stay away from or concider Iv been talking to fxcm, forex swiss, fx solutions, saxo bank hot spot, Coes fx so many to choose from which ones should i stay away from thank you
  2. Can anyone explain why they would use a cash FX broker over futures?
  3. I didnt start this thread for someone to post a question your free to start your own thread here on elite trader thank you.
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    you have to try all the demo that is out there , and you have to open the real account to test out , to find out yourself . so far i have account with fxol,gft and oanda , (i used to have fxcm ,too ),i 'll tell you the best retail firm is oanda , gft is not bad too , then fxol and fxcm ,both are ok firm .
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    if i were you, id think long and hard about the implications that rhymeandang is pointing out rather than get cute.

    clearly you know little about the fx industry, or you wouldnt be

    a/ slagging people off who are trying to help
    b/ wouldnt be asking this question in the first place.

    good luck (you'll need it!)
  6. Go with the one that runs the most infomercials in the middle of the night.
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    lol - yea - the one with the tightest spreads, widest smiles, sharpest suits, who hands out free systems to make you a million this time next year!!!
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    Lack of funds? Not everybody starts out with a hefty trading account.
  9. Doesn't have to be hefty. margin for 1 euro is 5K. If you don't have that, you probably should not be trading FX.
  10. Thanks guys and yes FredBloggs I will make you a deal find me a good forex broker and ill teach you how to make money in stocks.
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