Protect Yourself & Family

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  1. mikeriley


    No place is safe .The only way to protect yourself
    and family is to purchase a weapon, get weapons
    training, and consistently stay proficient at the range.
    Might need to add wearing a bullet proof vest to the list.

    None of us have control over what the next lunatic
    might do, but we do have control on whether or not
    we can be prepared.

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  2. notagain


    Look at the shooters actual video on bitchute, everyone in front of him was dead from head shots in a split second. He gave up to police because he was out numbered. You would need a team of body armored people with open carried side arms to deter a mass shooter.
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  3. mikeriley


    Please read the mass shooting case of
    Sutherland Springs church shooting.
    It took only one man with a weapon
    to stop Devin Patrick Kelley after
    he killed 26 people trying to enjoy
    a Church service.

    He eventually shot himself in the head,
    because he was bleeding out and
    succumbing to his
    wounds inflicted
    by a good Samaritan who was
    proficient with his weapon of choice.

    That's all it takes.
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  4. notagain


    Yes, one guy who's not in the line of fire could blindside an untrained shooter.
    Buffalo shooter was trained, close to the level of special forces. If you're in the line of fire you wouldn't have time to blink. They knew he was nuts and lost track of him.
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  5. wartrace


    One thing is certain. If you are unarmed during a mass shooting you have NO CHANCE of defending yourself.
  6. You people are morons. The answer to guns is more guns? Then where does it end? Kindergarten training in the use of firearms? Going swimming with a sidearm?

    WTF is wrong with you people?

    Ever heard of strict gun laws and tight enforcement with severe penalties for vendors and purchasers coloring outside the lines?

    The second amendment should be unamended.
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  7. deaddog


    We have strict gun laws in Canada.
    The criminals are not obeying the laws. (I guess no one thought of that)
    When the weapon changes from a firearm to a vehicle no one thinks we should ban cars.
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  8. Much of the illegal guns in Canada are smuggled from the US with its looser gun laws. Tighter US gun laws would Help Canada, too. Banning cars? Try harder, and see if you can get past your first order thinking.
  9. deaddog


    My point is that it is not the guns that are the problem. They are just weapons. If you eliminate them completely people will still kill people. Driving into crowds seems to be gaining popularity. How are you going to control that?
    When I was going to highschool every pickup had a gunrack in the back window with at least one gun. Somewhere along the line we became a more violent society.
  10. Again with the cars? So we have to solve every problem at once, or none at all?

    More guns will not solve the gun problem. There are now more guns in the hands of people than there ever were before. On balance, has it helped thus far?
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