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    Sorry about the cars; they are just the most accessable weapon I could think of off the top of my head.
    You keep thinking it's a gun problem and I think it's a people problem.
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  2. It's a societal thing. It's a gun culture thing. And it got out of hand. I understand it's not easy to take away children's toys. But however difficult it may be, getting rid of guns would be easier than getting rid of people.
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    The easiest solution doesn't always work. :)
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  4. How's the "more guns" solution working?
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    Not sure; I don't see a lot of open carry on the streets yet.
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  6. And this is what you want? In Canada? In schools? Hospitals? The beach? Is that the life you want? Are you a first-person shooter gamer or some such?
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    Sure, why not? Don't you think Canadians are responsible? Up here you could be attacked by wildlife at any time. :)
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  8. Yeah, and I think I just got skunked. I didn't know you were joking about a serious matter.
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    Lauri Lightfoot? South Chicago?
    They tried that. Criminals don't need no stinkin' badges, lol.
    Sure call the fuzz. They will be there in ohhhhhh, well South Chicago, probably sometime a couple minutes after uh, never.

    A well armed and trained populace is a polite populace with minimal namecalling to boot, lol.
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  10. There is higher gun ownership in the US now than there has ever been. And yet mass shootings are arguably near their all time highs.
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