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    Good points.
    And the WORST hi crime hot spots like Chicago ILL..... have the most complicated gun laws.
    The gov of TX note that in the news also.
    OUR family had guns+ hunted since we were kids+ did target shooting safely also.
    Good thing US founding fathers thought of 2nd amendment; look @ all trying to '' infringe '' on it.......................................................
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    THAT's exactly what the problem is .
    BUT WE cant hold our breath on the gun hating media to point that out.
    Gun violence, is just like saying, cars drunk.
    Its a real shame when people were never trained with guns; + they try to infringe on lawful commerce + safety
    One logical solution is for all the people that pretend gun control is the answer; is move to a gun control hi crime area alike Chicago, Ill. Plenty of crime + plenty of gun laws.:caution::caution:
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    May want to book a room in the area just to make sure you really really like it before investing in a home and family.
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    Good warning;
    no way i would want to live in a hi gun regulation -hi crime area like Chicago Ill ,even though some areas maybe safe there.
    NO wonder Citadel moved away, he mentioned the hi crime also .
    On a more positive note, i like the way US Border patrol Agent Bill Jordan did his revolver practice shooting aspirin- even though US Border Patrol does not require that small of target.
    Also enjoyed his book; NO Second Place Winner.
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    In my opinion, have some sort of home defense is a necessity in a lot of places. You can't just rely on police when someone is trying to break into your house.
    On other hand, training and practice is extremely important too! Too many people without proper training are owning and using guns.
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    AS an example of what not to do;
    CA has a coyote problem.
    Shooting those varmints/pests solves a lot of that problem.
    Some state allow year round shooting+ no limits
    Best not to waste a policeman's time with that.
    Old school Dallas TX, police chief said people expect to much out of police + he noted how people were calling them on stray dogs.:caution::caution:
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    If it's your time... (tautology)

    Most of these psychos go in with a cheap 16" AR (M&P Sport, etc.). It's difficult to conceal even a Mk18, so typically they come in blazing or they conceal under a large coat. I concealed carry (CCW) and carry a compensated G19X. I am super-proficient with it. Loading is Underwood HERO +P rounds.

    I've never been a fan of lasers (other than NOD-use) but I have a Surefire green laser mounted to the Glock rail.

    I used to carry an Atlas 2011 in 9mm but it's just too heavy. It's a laser, tho.

    Any one of these boogers are open-carrying an AR with a belt/armor and mags and I am going to draw from my appendix carry. I'll worry about how it looks later.
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  10. I always believed that I am lucky to be living in a country that is on the safer side. But still no land on earth can be referred to as a safe zone at this point. Apparently self-defence is not included as a reason to get a firearm licence in Australia.All I have is a pepper spray for emergency situations.
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